Millie Bobby Brown From ‘Stranger Things’ Auditioned For Logan

Bobby Brown Auditioned To Play The Role OF ‘X-23’ In The Recent Film.

Millie Bobby Brown revealed she auditioned for the role of X-23 in Logan. Despite not getting the part, the actress called it her best audition.The revelation came as part of Variety’s Actors on Actors series. Brown also revealed what her worst audition was, and it’s just funny, take a look.

Millie definitely has a thing for numbers

Millie Bobby Brown, best known as Eleven on Stranger Things, definitely has a thing for numbers. The actress revealed she audition in front of Hugh Jackman for the role of ‘X-23’ in Logan.

The actress made the revelation to fellow actress Evan Rachel Woods, as part of Variety’s Actors on Actors series, in which actors get to interview each other.

Millie called the audition her best ever and discussed how she prepared for it. “I was like, ‘It’s going to be amazing, I’m going to really prepare,’ and I sat in my room reading the lines,” she said. “Honestly, for me, I felt so — I felt an actor, in the audition room, hitting Hugh Jackman, and James Mangold sitting right in front of me.”

Even when Brown didn’t get the part she praised Dafne Keen, the actress who got the role, for her performance, “I watched it; she was incredible, it meant so much to me.”

Here’s the revelation:

Bright it on, Millie.

In the interview, Brown also confessed her worst audition was for a Barbie commercial.

“It was hard. I had to jump up and down. They gave me this, I don’t even know what it was, it was just this thing I had to hold and stand up and play pretend with this other girl,” she said.

The interview will air in its entirety on Variety’s “Actors on Actors” Season 6, presented by Shutterstock, which premieres June 13 on PBS SoCal.

At the moment Millie is touring with the Stranger Things cast and delivering more adorable moments. During her appearance at the Comic Con in Chile, she sang for her fans.And since we’re talking about Stranger Things. The Netflix hit will make its return this fall or at least that’s what the teaser recently released gave away.

On the teaser, we can see the boys wearing their Halloween costumes. Also, for what we can see things will get much darker. The cast and creator have confirmed that the show will get darker now that we’ve seen the other dimension.

Source: Variety

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