‘SNL’ Mocks Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad With Hilarious ‘Behind The Scenes’

Cecily Strong Plays Kendall And Rocks It

Saturday Night Live joined the backlash against Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi advert. On Saturday, in a hilarious “behind the scenes” sketch SNL ripped off the infamous ad.

Pepsi pulled off the advert the day after its release and acknowledge it missed the mark. Kendall has not yet commented on it as the online backlash continues.

Behind the scenes

Earlier this week Pepsi unveiled its new ad starring Kendall Jenner. As part of the global campaign “Live now”. It showed Kendall during a photo shoot when she suddenly noticed a protest that looked a lot like the ‘Black Lives Matter Movement’ and decided to join the people. At one point Kendall eases the protest by handling a can of Pepsi to a police.

The ad was heavily criticized for trivializing protests, appropriating protests and making a clear reference to an incident during a police brutality protest. SNL couldn’t just pass by the infamous add and decided to mock the ad’s director and Kendall, as well as Pepsi of course.

Sort of tone deaf

The spoof aired on Saturday, it shows the commercial’s writer-director explaining the concept behind the ad during a phone conversation with his sister.

The director, played by Beck Bennet, is surprised when his sister doesn’t have faith in his concept once he has explained to her.

After pointing out the whole thing is an hommage to the resistance, he says, “Uh huh. Tone deaf? Oh, we’re only regulating them … to sell soda?”

SNL pepsi ad

Cute, right?

Cecily Strong joins the behind the scene as Kendall Jenner. Kendall while talking on the phone with her sister Klhoé explains the concept to her and says, “I stop the police from shooting black people by handing them a Pepsi. I know, it’s cute, right?”

And so she goes to save the world with a Pepsi. On the other side, the director after talking with other family members realizes how awful the concept is and tries to rewrite the whole thing, but it’s too late.

Finally, the skit changes the Pepsi slogan by saying “Live and Learn” instead of “Live for Now.”

SNL pepsi ad

Source: US Magazine


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