Michelle Obama’s One Last Walk Through The White House

Nope, This Are Not Tears, What Are You Talking About?

Michelle Obama shared a touching video of her last walk through the place she called home. In the video, shared on Wednesday via Twitter, the First Lady walked her dogs through the White House.

As the Obamas get ready to leave, they are setting up for a new phase in their lives as they cherish every single moment left in the White House.


One last walk through the White House.

The emotional video shows how Michelle cherishing every moment left in the White House. The touching video’s title is a reminder of how far we’ve come and how the place will always belong to the People. The video has over 100k likes already.

Michelle Obama last days at the White House.

Michelle’s last days at her soon to be former home have been pretty moved. Earlier this week she celebrated her birthday and got the opportunity to look over all the great initiatives and awesome job she did as FLOTUS.

On Wednesday, she said goodbye to her home in the company of the family’s dogs. As they glanced the artwork and the history of the majestic place. Michelle said goodbye in a silent and beautiful way, just days before her husband passes the torch to President Elect Donald Trump.

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Inauguration day, moving day.

After eight years of calling the White House their home, the Obamas prepare to leave 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. On Friday, the White House staff will move the Obamas out and the Trumps in during the inauguration, as tradition.

US President Obama and the First Lady already choose their new home in Kalorama, DC. Coincidentally, First Daughter Ivanka Trump will not live far from the Obama family. Ivanka is supposed to take a role similar to Michelle, working in the East Wing of the White House in the  “Office of The First Family.”

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Life outside the White House.

Following Trump’s inauguration, the Obama family will take a vacation in California. The family decided to stay in Washington so that Sasha can finish high school at Sidwell Friends School in Maryland. The Obamas will move to a nine bedroom house in the Kalorama area of DC, where they plan to live at least two more years.

As the family is more than ready to face a new challenge, Michelle’s future plans are not yet confirmed, though she has stated to be more than committed to her causes, so there’s a lot more Michelle Obama to see!

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Source: Today.


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