Meet The Rescue Dog Who Looks Like Nothing Else You’ve Ever Seen.

If Her Picture Didn’t Melt Your heart, Her Story Will.


What’s The cutest dog you’ve ever seen? I know the obvious answer it isn’t a Chiweenie (mix of a Chihuahua & Dachshund) but that’s probably because you haven’t seen one.

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Flans they sweetest pup ever, rescued by Linda Alvarez. If her picture didn’t melt your heart, her story will. Her parents are siblings, therefore she is the product of incest, and she’s not the only one, her previous owners mated her parents multiple times, all of the pups were born with genetic abnormalities and so did she.


Sadly, Mrs. Flans is the only survivor of her litter, and she is blind in one eye, deaf, has albinism and White Dog Shaker Syndrome which causes her seizures.

Her previous owners found her condition funny and used to laugh at her seizures and convulsions, until one day they decided not to keep taking care of her. They wanted to throw her to the streets.

Luckily for her Linda Alvarez heard about this and decided to pick her up. She had to drive in the middle of the night with her pajamas on to rescue Mimi (Mrs. Flans previous name). Alvarez was surprised, she discovered the cutest dog with the greatest personality, it turns out all of her features make her unique.

She’s such a diva, and that’s why Linda decided to make photoshoots of her with great outfits. She even started a blog with The Fans (that’s how her loving family calls her) called Closer Critters in order to find a home for Mrs. Flans.


Time passed by and no one wanted to adopt The Flans and that’s when they realized she was already home. Of course she’s not alone, there are other pets at Linda’s home, but The Flans always has the spotlight.

And how couldn’t she? Just look at that pink nose, that according to Alvarez, it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of her facial features, we think that might be her Chihuahua side.

And if that didn’t win you, take a look at that large tongue hanging out of her mouth, a bit Dachie don’t you think?



But definitely the greatest part of Mrs. Flans is her personality, Linda describes her as the “party pumper”, she’s so silly, affectionate and quirky.

Fun fact of Mrs. Flans, being born deaf, she has never heard the barking of a dog so she doesn’t know how to do it properly so she does thinks weird sound, but she’s a confident pup and it sounds like it’s totally normal.


She’s a pup that can do it all. You have to see her summer ready.

I know she touched you, so maybe you wanna check up on Linda’s project Safe Spot, looking for animals a safe spot to live in.



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