People Are Freaking Out Over How Hot Young Joe Biden Was

Damn, The VP Is Making Us Thirsty

Young Joe Biden was seriously hot, and we were missing it. Recently memes about Joe and Obama’s bromance flooded the internet, it’s the thing of the moment and it’s really adorable. But there something more important going on. Pay attention, drop everything you’re doing.

A recent discovery has everybody flipping out: Joe Biden was hot AF, and we almost didn’t see it. Oh, the beauty of the internet, you can discover anything you set your mind to, including a vintage photo of the current VP that suddenly become the newest internet obsession.

Prepare to see a total hottie.

Image Credit: Buzzfeed
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Recent discovery.

Yeah, yeah all the bromance thing is quite cool, but people are mesmerized by the picture of this young Adonis. I bet more than one would die for a bracelet like the one he gave Obama. And people just can’t help but be mesmerized.

Just. Can’t. Get. Over. It.

It’s even getting a bit weird.

Like a Valentine’s Day card? Really?

Image Credit: Tumblr
Image Credit: Tumblr

And scary.

Too much information. Really.

Image Credit: Tumblr
Image Credit: Tumblr

Joe’s, you got everybody’s attention.

Her fans are getting a bit aggressive, they’re willing to defend his daddy title.

But then again…

Look at this face. Dam Joe.


But one thing’s for sure.

Young Joe Biden has changed the game from now on. Damn boy, you set the standards too high.




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