Mom Finds Out What Dogs Do When Alone. You’ll Never Guess It

This Is Seriously Shocking Yet Hilarious

If you’re a pet lover you probably spend your day missing your pet and wondering what they’re up to. But sometimes we don’t have ways to find out what they’re doing.

Well, this teen’s mom had a way to check on her dogs and she made a funny and disturbing discovery. I bet she didn’t expect to find out what she did. You will probably laugh at this…

Jhonny, you party boy!

After her teenage son, Johnny, threw a huge party in the house, without his parent’s permission, the mother decided to do something about it. So to prevent this situation from ever happening again, the mom got cameras all over the place, inside and outside.


Image Credit: Buzzfeed
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Let’s check on our cute pets.

So, now they have cameras, Jonny’s mom decided to check on their dogs, a Maltese named Chico and a bulldog, named Chloe. Look at these doggies, cute right? Lol

Image Credit: Buzzfeed
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Oh my god!

Suddenly Johnny got a message fro her mom who was shocked after what she saw, and it’s just too much.

She wrote: “That’s it, we’re getting the dogs neutered.”

Image Credit: Buzzfeed
Image Credit: Buzzfeed


The more they saw, the more they shocked. Johnny quickly defended the dogs saying that this only happens when Chloe is menstruating, so Chico helps her because she’s too fat to clean herself. LOL

Image Credit: Buzzfeed
Image Credit: Buzzfeed

Jonny decided to share with the internet the funny situation.

As it was so funny to him, he said: Let’s share it, why not? It has been retweeted almost 100,000 times.

People’s reaction

Laughing, mostly.

Some others feel shocked

And there’s even a premonition:


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