Check Out The Hottest Pictures Of Kylie Jenner In 2016

In Case You Needed A Jenner Dosis, Here You Go!

Kylie Jenner proved to be the hottest star of the year. The 19-year-old had some serious competition, especially when it comes to her sisters, Kim’s posted several nude pictures and Kendall walked the runway of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show… wow! But Kylie knew how to make her way to the top.

It isn’t a lie that she’s had quite a transformation, some people even accuse her of having a breast augmentation but she only blames hormones “Considering Kylie’s weight hasn’t fluctuated hugely over the last year it is unusual that her breast size would increase so dramatically and in my professional opinion, I don’t believe that this increase in size is down to hormones as she is claiming.” said Mark Norfolk, from Transform to MailOnline.

The teenager is set to put these accusations wrong by posting sexy pictures on social media. We collected Jenner’s hottest moments of the year just for you to make your own mind, take a look:


15.  Kylie reminded us why she’s the sexiest.

The reality star loves to show off her curves. In this outfit you can see each one of them.

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14. When she proved they were real.

Kylie says her bloated breast is due to “those days of the month” and she posted this picture proving her boobs are real.

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13. Her photoshoot with Sasha Samsonova.

Kylie teamed up with the world-famous photographer to take the promotion pictures of Kylie cosmetics.

@kyliecosmetics shoot 📷 by @sashasamsonova #DeadOfKnight coming this Friday

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12. The photo of revenge.

Kylie took a break from Tyga, she was posting these pictures just to remind him what he was missing.

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11. Are you ready for Kylie in 2017?

Jenner is releasing a sexy calendar for next year.

10. When she launched her line for Urban Outfitters.

Kendall and Kylie released a new collection of clothes and bathing suits available at Urban Outfitters, the sisters were the models of the collection.

KENDALL+KYLIE SWIM FOR TOPSHOP. #June9th @kendallandkylie

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9. You couldn’t stop staring at her in Coachella.

The beauty wore this sequins bathing suit for the music festival, getting everyone’s attention.

rainbow braids 🌈

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8. Sparkling in Balmain.

Kylie wore this gorgeous outfit for the Met Gala. The dress even left her some bruises, but it was totally worth it because she looked stunning.

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7. Sasha again.

This photographer became Kylie’s favorite for taking her sexy pictures.


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6. The trendsetter.

Kylie, just like the rest of her family, is known for her assets and this year she made out this Levi’s jeans a statement piece.


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5. Her romantic getaway.

The reality star took a trip with boyfriend Tyga and her friends to the beach on her birthday. It was very dramatic since the rapper was requested by the police. That didn’t stop her from having fun and posting hot pictures.

Looking back at Turks

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4. Her naked photo shoot.

Jenner took off her clothes for the cover of Complex Magazine. She was only wearing some spandex color nude gloves.

very excited to be on the cover of @complex and #complexcon

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3. When she dressed up as X-Tina.

Kylie put on the sexiest costume on Halloween, dressing as the singer. She wore it a second time for Aguilera’s birthday when things got super hot, they even shared a kiss!

Birthday Bae

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2. Another one from Sasha.

She might be promoting her lip kit but it’s impossible to take the eyes away from her body.

unreleased project with @sashasamsonova

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1. The unbeatable.

Kylie released this sexy shoot for Tyga’s birthday. The couple didn’t spend the rapper’s special day together last year since they were on a break, but Jenner made it up in 2016 with various surprise parties.

happy birthday baby 💋

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