Hannah Ferguson Looks HOT In New love advertising [VIDEO]

Ugh, I Really Need To Ger My Diet Plan Going.

Love Magazine has been playing with our heads. They are releasing bonus videos of their calendar and it gets hotter every time. Hannah Ferguson features the last bonus the magazine has come up with. The 24-year-old model is a regular on the calendar but last year we didn’t get to see her.

Love had a surprise for us, they decided to launch a video for the first time, after the new year as a bonus of last year’s calendar. Just when you thought the 2016 Love calendar couldn’t get any sexier, Hannah appeared to shut your mouth.


The best way to start the year.

The supermodel poses for a whole minute, but if you are not ready, you could have a heart attack. It’s just too much to handle.


They saved the best for last.

Hannah is known for appearing on this calendar but we didn’t get to see her until now, we definitely weren’t expecting her, but we are glad to see her. Last year many huge supermodels posed for the magazine. Bella Hadid was the sexy star for the December issue, and Kendall Jenner appeared on the calendar as well.

Via: YouTube.com


Hype Williams did it one more time.

The new yorker director, Phil Poynter, was among the biggest collaborators of last year’s calendar. His sexy style is very noticeable on this steaming bonus.

Via: YouTube.com

There’s nothing to hide.

Ferguson is completely naked for this session. She’s laying on fur next to inflatable flamingos. The stunning blue-eyed covers her body with her hands and gives the camera the sexiest looks you’ll see this year.


Is there a third bonus?

Uhm… we hope so! As I already told you, this is the first time they are giving us this type of surprise, but certainly, two isn’t enough. If Ferguson is second, who would be third? I’ll let you think about it.

Via: YouTube.com




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