Katy Perry’s New ‘Bon Appetit’ Video Has Absolutely No Subtlety. Take A Look.

Well Ok, Katy So You Are Basically A Plate?

Oh, man. Katy Perry released the official video for Bon Appétit feat Migos on Friday and is seriously cringeworthy. She and Migos are taking the food metaphors to a whole new level.

Katy definitely took us by surprise with this brand new video, which is the second visual she delivers from her upcoming yet untitled album.

Prepare to be baked and served with Katy

When Katy Perry released the official video from Chained To They Rhythm we knew we were going on a quite different track. And we were not wrong, is going to be bizarre and different, hell yeah.First, the singer released the lyric video for Chained To The Rhythm featuring a cute hamster running in a wheel while he waited for his meal to be served.

Well, seems like Katy Perry has developed a fascination for fine dining. In her latest video, she’s seasoned and served in the bizarre clip that’s so not talking about cannibalism.

The video opens with a bunch of chefs cutting Katy out of a plastic wrap and tossed her into flour. And it’s not the weirdest yet.

Then the singer is massaged like dough by the chefs to then move on to being throw to a stew.  Chef Roy Choi decorates the pop-star-turned-cutlet. And she’s served and ready to be eaten, but then she starts pole dancing and ends up eating the chef.

Take a look at the weird vid:


Katy’s new video is quite explicit.

The video and the song’s lyrics leave no room for questions, she’s being eaten. And no, is not cannibalism. Also, we now understand why she was channeling Kim Kardashian a few weeks ago.

Katy Perry previously stated that she’s coming with new music, new messages, and a brand new self. And she’s not kidding. The song follows this exploration and liberation of herself.

Perry says she’s whittled down a pool of 40 potential songs to just 15 tracks. “It’s really quite brave,” she said of the LP in a recent interview with EW. “Sonically, it’s fun and dancey and dark and light. It’s all of these things. It definitely is a change.”

This change includes opening up about many things, and as she addressed the political-social climate in Chained to They Rhythm, she’s addressing her sexual exploration.

Which is portrayed in the lyrics which is really sexual It reads, “Cause I’m all that you want, boy/ All that you can have, boy/ Got me spread like a buffet/ Bon appétit, baby/ Appetite for seduction/ Fresh out the oven/ Melt in your mouth kind of lovin’/Bon appétit, baby”

The visuals, directed by Montreal-based filmmaker Dent De Cuir, follows this line and leaves no wonder and is quite explicit. Well, it already has 20 million views.

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Source: Billboard


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