Demi Lovato’s Premieres Brand New Single And Album

Lovato Is Set To Perform On This Weekend’s VMA’s

Demi Lovato took to social media to drop a new single ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ on Thursday. The singer also announced her new album dropping on September 29.

The pop star is to perform this weekend at the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor MMA fight on Saturday, and also at the MTV VMA on Sunday.

Demi is dropping some new music

Sorry Taylor Swift, but you’re not the only one dropping her sixth studio album this year, Demi Lovato is also releasing her sixth studio album and we already have something to listen to. Demi announced that the next album following ‘Confident’ will be released on Septemeber 29, and it’s titled ‘Tell Me You Love Me,’ just like its very first single.

Earlier this year, Demi told Entertainment Tonight that her upcoming record will draw from her personal experiences and differ from anything she’s ever done before.

“Everyone goes through ups and downs and I’m getting to write about that. I’m at a new chapter in my life, so whenever I’m writing, I keep that in mind.”

Also earlier this month, Demi talked about the new album’s direction, and reportedly she wanted to head in a more R&B direction. “I actually want to go a totally different way with my album,” she told Billboard.

“I want to go more soulful, so we’ll see what that ends up turning out like. I’m still in the process of writing and finding the inspiration behind it, so we’ll see.”

However, the newly released single titled just like the album ‘Tell Me You Love Me,’ is full of electronic claps and booming drum, it’s a plea, tho.

Despite the electronic elements, the single is a love song, where Demi opens up about the insecurities that can come with being in a relationship, and it’s cool that she’s not afraid to admit she doesn’t have all the answers.

The track is produced John Hill and Stint, and you can already get it on Spotify.

This is a brand new Demi

‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is the second single from Demi’s upcoming sixth studio album.

Demi had already teased fans with her new sound when she dropped her first solo release of 2017, ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’ The take-no-prisoners strike on an ex, which instantly became a hit. The single was produced by Zaire Koalo, Trevor Brown and Warren “Oak” Felder.

Demi Lovato gathered friends like Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx and Wiz Khalifa for a raging party at her home in the new video for ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’ With a mixture of grainy home videos and glossy production, Lovato details the extravagant pool party at her home.

Partygoers kiss, take selfies and lounge in the pool between shots of a glamorously dressed Lovato in a bubble-filled Jacuzzi on the lawn. Foxx and Khalifa both dance in the crowd while Hilton DJs. At the end, naturally, the cops arrive.

Earlier this year, Demi had teamed up with Cheat Codes for the tropical hit ‘No Promises’ in the spring, so we weren’t completely Demi-less.

Via Billboard

Taking on the world by storm

With ‘Confident’s follow-up due to next month, Demi is ramping up her schedule of major public appearances to build anticipation for the record. Last weekend she performed at Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest, where she roared through ‘Confident,’ ‘Cool For the Summer’ and her latest soaring power anthem, ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’

On Saturday, she will sing the national anthem at the heavily promoted fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. She will perform the national anthem ahead of the main event of Mayweather-McGregor on Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This will be Lovato’s first time singing the anthem at a boxing match, though she is no stranger to combat sports events. The Disney alum is a noted MMA fan and she’s been spotted attending UFC and Bellator shows. She’s also posted videos on social media of her own martial arts training in the past.

“I think it’s really cool to learn something that helps you with self-defense,” she said of the sport.

“Sometimes I get really bored when I do just an hour of cardio, so sometimes I struggle with boredom. But that’s why I like to train MMA, because it keeps it exciting,” added.

She also dated MMA fighter, Guilherme Vasconcelos. And one of Lovato’s recent hits is titled ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, which is fitting given McGregor’s unapologetic approach to his rivals and critics.

However, this won’t be her first time singing the national anthem at a sporting event. She previously sang the National Anthem for game four of the 2015 World Series, game five of the 2011 World Series and a Dallas Cowboys football game in 2008.

Then on Sunday, she will perform ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Source: Just Jared

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