Ben Affleck’s Future As Batman Is Put Into Doubt According To W.B

Is Affleck Out Of DC Or Are They Just Rumors?

Ben Affleck’s future in the DC Extended Universe isn’t sure, according to recent rumors that surfaced just amid the San Diego Comic Con. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner is looking for a way to gracefully let him go.

In the mean time, Ben is in San Diego promoting the ‘Justice League’ movie and DC just announced more projects in the heels of ‘Wonder Woman’ huge success.

Is this it for Ben Affleck’s Batman?

During San Diego Comic Con, we expect news to come out at a furious pace. Typically, we have a pretty good idea of what it’s going to be. We watch out for new trailers, casting news, and movie announcements.

What we don’t expect to hear about is a studio reportedly considering cutting one of their biggest stars. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Ben Affleck’s future in the DC Extended Universe isn’t as sure a thing as we all assumed.

A source tells the magazine that Warner Bros. is working on a way to gracefully usher Affleck out of the role.

Nothing’s been confirmed yet, so it’s still just a rumor right now. Warner Bros. Film Studio Chief told The Hollywood Reporter that Affleck is their Batman, and they aim to keep him in the cowl as long as they possibly can.

Ben’s Batman was introduced in last year’s grinding and intermittently effective ‘Batman vs Superman.’ Ben was supposed to direct and star the movie that he co-wrote but eventually stepped aside to the directing role.

It wouldn’t be unheard of to swap out a superhero actor mid-series. Marvel famously swapped out Edward Norton for Mark Ruffalo after ‘The Incredible Hulk’.

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Introducing ‘Krypton’

Beyond ‘Justice League’, which premieres on November 20,  Warner Bros. has big plans for the DCEU. Not just movies, either.

Though their cinematic universe finally earned some much-needed goodwill with ‘Wonder Woman’, DC superheroes have been excelling on TV for years now. Next, they’re hoping to continue that trend on Syfy with ‘Krypton’.

As the title suggests, the show will take place on Krypton, Superman’s home planet, years before the Man of Steel was born. It will focus on Superman’s grandfather, giving us a look at what life on Krypton was like before it was destroyed. At their SDCC panel, Syfy released a trailer for the new series.

For now, we’ll have to settle with the trailer and wait for more in the months ahead, leading up to the show’s premiere in 2018.

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