Everything That Happened On This Year’s BAFTA TV Awards

Sue Perkins Was Labeled As “Sexist” And “Self-Complacent”

The performance of Sue Perkins as host of the 2018 BAFTA Tv Awards was not as good as expected. Viewers were left without expectations this Sunday night.

The presenter who was the main head of the ceremony for the first time last year initiated the program the traditional monologue. Numerous jokes about the gender wage gap, feminism, and inequality in the industry. But this speech did not catch the attention of viewers, so they took their opinions to Twitter where they labeled Sue as “sexist” and “self-complacent.”

by Sky news

Wasn’t Sue Perkins, the best option to be the host of the night?

She drilled into the audience at the Royal Festival Hall joking a little: “Typical of course, 10 men playing their own trumpets before a woman opens her mouth so much.”

She received laughter with this comment and then went on to address the gender wage gap, saying: “I do not want to ignore the elephant in the room … but on such a prestigious occasion, I feel it would be a rude and inadequate limit to discuss my rate of this night.”

“So let’s say I’m going to put in half the effort. To be honest, I had not even cleaned my teeth.”

Bittersweet mood?

She had no discretion since he touched on the issue of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the issue of gender inequality in U.K. “A woman can be a hostess tonight but do not worry, I still have two big guys there to watch over me. You know, just to make sure my driving is okay.”

Sue born in Croydon concluded her speech by assuring viewers that the winners had remained a secret until now, accepting: “Facebook knows, obviously, but apart from that, we are all in the dark”

While the monologue was well thought out, not everyone liked it. People took all these opinions to Twitter, calling the gossip and sexist star. Like everyone, the opinions were good and bad, who agrees?

by the Quentin

Here we have the phrases that most stood out on the night of the BAFTA:

“Tonight we’re in an exhausting night celebrating some of the best talents of a year of incredible British television, and the cast of Love Island is here.”

“I’m Sue Perkins, you could meet me by leaving some of the most successful shows on television.”

“Jodie Whittaker became the first Doctor Who and there was a lot of controversies, of course, because apparently, some fans of space travel in a phone booth, sonic screwdrivers, and intergalactic alien races found it hard to imagine that.”

“The amazing Kate Adie, there, you do not get disaster zone reports anymore, no, unless Olly Murs is stuck in Selfridges.”

No doubt the controversies arose, but when not?

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