Ariana Grande and John Legend’s “Beauty and the Beast” Music Video

Is It Just Me Or Ariana Looks Weird Without Her Signature Pony Tail?

We are all in for Disney’s remake of the classic animated movie “Beauty and the Beast.” Recently, the excitement of the movie has reached a new level since its music video was released.Ariana Grande and Jhon Legend are the stars that sing together the classic movie song that fills both the castle and our hearts with a magic harmony while the main characters dance through the ballroom.

Ariana Grande and John Legend full of magic

The video takes place inside the fairytale castle where Ariana Grande and John Legend sing together while Bella and the Beast dance through the ballroom.

The magic rose

The video starts with a shot from outside the castle that enters through the window where Ariana meets a magic mirror. Grande, in her beautiful red gown, performs an amazing choreography that ended up showing the shape of a red rose, a signature from the movie.


Our favorite characters are here too.

Who can forget about Mrs. Potts and her little baby Chip.In the video, while the magic is happening all over the ballroom, our favorite characters appear, like Din Don and Lumiere that are the ones that give the final touch to the whole picture.


Two great voices that fill the room with magic.

While beauty and beast dance,Ariana Grande and Jhon Legend sing along and join their amazing voices into one harmony that fill with magic every corner of the castle.


The dance of love

Emma Watson, who plays the lead role said that the dance scene in the original animated film is the most iconic of the movie but it’s also a key scene in the story of the new film.

Source: E online


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