Amena Khan Is The First Hijab-Wearing Model For L’Oreal Paris’

Amena Has Over 570,000 Followers On Instagram

The largest beauty products campaign presented its most recent paradigmatic campaign in terms of diversity. The world changes little by little. Ties are made with different cultures, gender and equality develop in society. Although there is still much to do, we have seen many improvements over time. The smallest action by a person, company or country can generate significant changes in the long term.

Amena Khan and LOréal changing the cast

In the most recent advertising campaign of the renowned brand, LOréal Paris, they decided to bet on something risky. Carrying an equal message to the population. The company chose the British model Amena Khan. She’s a beauty influencer that is different from those we are usually accustomed to. Since she wears her hijab with respect to her Muslim faith.

Amena has 570,000 followers on Instagram and every time she posts on this social network, her phone explodes with comments and likes. She states that she uses the veil in public since she is 20 years old.
Now, she became the first woman in the world to wear hijab in the campaign for hair products.

The influencer explained in an interview to Vogue Uk magazine the reason for wearing her hijab in public. Apart from being a way of respecting the religion in which she was raised. “You have to ask yourself: why are women who do not show their hair not supposed to be taken care of? The opposite of that would be that all those who show their hair only take care of it to show it to others. And that mentality takes away our autonomy and our sense of independence. Hair is a big part of self-care “ she argued.
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Equality begins with small changes

The campaign of this line headed this time by Khan includes products to maintain color, to achieve defined and nourished curls, for straight hair, hydration, shine and another. LOréal hopes that this series of inclusive messages can inspire millions of young people around the world. To contribute to different societies open their minds much more to diversity.
The path to gender equality and acceptance of all kinds of culture is necessary for the evolution of the human being. With the integration of cultures to things as common as brands or product. Campaigns are a small but very important step. Taking into account that we are all equal. We need the same things and equality is something that must be taken seriously.
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