The 21 Best Veggie Burgers In The US: Drooling Allowed!

Even If You Are Not A Veggie Food Fan, You Will Go Straight To The Kitchen After This Post

We live in a time where the cult to the body is important. A fitness era, where we are constantly watching what to eat, what has carbohydrates in it and what not. Of course, despite all that, who doesn’t love a good, tasty burger? Being a vegetarian or a fitness freak no longer have to watch how carnivores eat such delicious temptations. Here we present to you the best veggie burgers in the U.S.

21. Martha Stewart’s Veggie Burgers (buzz)

Brought to you by housewife queen herself, this easy and simple-to-do burger will test your culinary skills.

20. Quinoa & White Bean Veggie Burger

Yes, Tofu is not the only option for vegans. Try eating a burger made of grains.

19. Spicy Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers with Avocado-Cilantro Crema and Sprouts (buzz)

If you thought vegan didn’t have an exciting life when it comes to the cuisine, this spicy burger will prove you wrong.

18. The Comet Café Burger

The restaurant has a wide selection of “carnivores only” food for vegetarians. And they are as delicious as they look.

17. Tabasco Double Bean Veggie Burger (Buzz)

Tabasco on a veggie burger? As rare as a unicorn, and equally fantastic.

16. The Flaming Ice Cube Burgers

Voted as one of the best burgers in the U.S, and we can totally see why.

15. Greenwich Village’s Burgers

Known in NY as “The Village”, this part of the city features a large number of places to try some green food. And any of them is an experience worth having.

14. Vegan Mushroom & Lentil Burger

Sometimes, it is also about style when it comes to presenting your food. This burger doesn’t fall short.

13. Loaded Vegan Lentil Cauliflower Burger

When it comes to getting your stomach full, quantity over quality usually is the way to go.

12. Lotus Café “Tofu” Burger

It is a stereotype, but one that we should all try. After all, Lotus Café knows how to prepare tofu the right way.

11. Madeleine Bistro’s burgers

Not only a great burger but a great place to bring a date. Beautiful scenery combined with the perfect veggie burger makes for a romantic evening.

10. Native Foods’s Burger

We wouldn’t add a chain restaurant’s burger if we didn’t believe it was exquisite. Just trust us.

9. The Organic Grill’s Burgers

We couldn’t choose just one burger of this famous place in New York. From the Green Machine to the Naked Burger, they will all make you drool.

8. The Plant’s Burgers

Don’t get confused: Just because it’s purple doesn’t mean it’s not good. And when it comes to purple meat, this one definitely wins the prize.

7. Hillstone’s Veggie Burger

One of the most talked burgers by papers and magazines, this veggie burger deserves its fame. Why you ask? Just try it.

6. ABC Kitchen

Don’t get fooled by its unusual style. This burger it’s the kind of burger that puts to shame other meat lovers.

5. White Owl Social Club’s Burgers

Some amazing things come from the city of Portland. And inside its green community, there’s a burger everyone knows: The White Owl Social Club’s burgers.

4. Chicago Diner

After trying this Chicago burger, you won’t miss meat ever again. We can assure you that.

3. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

One of the best places for burgers, they have a specialty for vegans. Don’t pass the opportunity!

2. The Organic Grill’s Burgers

We couldn’t choose just one burger of this famous place in New York. From the Green Machine to the Naked Burger, they will all make you drool.

1. Superiority Burger

The one and only, known by every New Yorker, the Superiority Burger: King of all veggie foods, and a must if you are a vegetarian.



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