A God Among Humans: Thor Takes Vacation In Australia

He Thought It Would Be Nice To Have A Roommate

During “Civil War” Captain America and Iron Man were fighting with each other trying to solve their existential issues because that’s what superheroes do, of course. Meanwhile, Thor was taking a well-deserved vacation in Australia in what appears to be a very human-kind time off.

Making a debut to the world, Thor’s roommate everybody!

Thor's Roommate
Marvel Studios

Darryl is doing the everyday chores, as usual.

Marvel Studios

But when Thor is in the picture, it kinda gets a little bit more complicated.

Chores with Thor
Marvel Studios

While Darryl works, Thor is trying to get involved with locals.

Thor among students
Marvel Studios

And also showing around his new place, with Darryl

Tour at Thor's room 1
Marvel Studios

And of course, the Mjolnir need its beauty sleep as well.

Tour at Thor's room 2
Marvel Studios

He might be vacationing, but his superhero-mind never sleeps.

Thor Plotting
Marvel Studios

Nothing to see here. Just Thor and Bruce Banner (a.k.a: The Incredible Hulk) having some coffee.

Thor and Hulk having coffee
Marvel Studios

Watch the full Mockumentary:


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