OMG!! Look At This Guy Ageing In 3 Minutes With His Own Selfies

He Took Selfies For 16 Years And Made This Video

Selfies have become a major trend over the last years. Every opportunity is a good excuse for snapping a selfie, right? It is something we do to capture and remember the good times, but in the long run, there is nothing transcendent about it. Although this might not always be the case.

Image Credit: Art School Vets.

Can you imagine documenting your life through selfies? Imagine all the changes you will be able to recognize! That is exactly what this guy did. In essence, he took the selfie game up to a whole new level of greatness! He took the same picture from the same angle for 16 years. And the result is a 3-minute video that contains his 5,000 selfies, overall, it’s a masterpiece! Now THIS is what I call determination.

His name is JK Keller, an Alaska-based artist that decided to age through selfies. Take a look:


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