25 Fitness Girls On Instagram That Will Keep Your Drive Right On Fleek

Fitness Girls Are Really, Really Motivational, WOW

Through the last years, we’ve been acknowledging the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. But “healthy living” isn’t about good eating habits alone; it’s the combination of choosing the right foods while working your ass off. Even if you say you don’t everyone is secretly into this huge trend.

But having the consistency actually to succeed is the part that makes us realize how real the struggle is, right? So, to keep ourselves in the right/fit track, we’d thought that we just needed someone to look up to, someone that motivated us.

In the light of this matter, we’ve come up with the best 25 fitness girls on Instagram that will keep your drive right on fleet 24/7.

1. Nude Yoga Girl – @nude_yogagirl

Which one of these photos do you like the most? ☺ (1-top left and 9-bottom right) ❤

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This is an anonymous account that is all about yoga and nudity. If you follow her, your have your daily over-the-top pose. A must follow if you ask me.

2. Anna Victoria – @annavictoria

Sardegna summers ☀️

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This girl is the creator of the Fit Body Guides, and throughout her posts, you’ll see a bunch of motivational quotes, healthy (yet very delicious) meals, and some before and after pictures of her clients.

3. Massy Arias – @massy.arias

Baby update: #20weeks Today. Yes, I am still very small but trust me that this bump will come very soon. Been eating super healthy and I honestly think because I am not eating any artificial/processed foods, I don't get the usual bloating that comes with it. Staying super IS rates and taking each day as it comes. Can't wait to meet her. All women show at different times. Height, where the baby actually implants, genetics, and more influence how soon you will show. So don't feel like you are doing anything wrong. Being healthy during pregnancy is key, but ultimately it is every woman's choice to decide what she will do during these 10 months…YESSSS 10 months 😆 they don't tell you that until you're actually pregnant! Follow me on Snap to keep up with how I am eating and working out: MassyFit WWW.MASSYFIT.COM #childofGod #prego #fitmom #ma30day __________________________________________________ Hoy cumplimos #20semanss mi gente, que emoción! Sí, todavía estoy muy pequeña, pero confía en mí que este panza vendrá muy pronto. Estoy comiendo muy sano y honestamente les digo que el no comer alimentos artificiales / procesados, es la razón por la que no tengo la hinchazón habitual que viene al comer así durante el embarazo. Estoy tomando muchísima agua porque es necesario y llevando cada dia emocionada por conocer al amor de mi vida. Todas las mujeres mostrarán el embarazo muy diferente. La Altura, donde el bebé en realidad se implante, la genética, y muchos otros factores influeyen qué tan pronto muestren pancita. Así que no se sienta. como que están haciendo algo mal. Llevar un embarazo sano es clave, pero en última instancia es la elección de cada mujer decidir qué va a hacer durante estos 10 meses … SIIII 10 meses 😆 Sígueme en Snap para mantenerse al día con la forma en que estoy comiendo y llevando esta jornada: MassyFit #hijadecristo

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She is a certified personal trainer, along with 2.1 million followers Massy is an Instagram celeb that might change your life.

 4. Tanya Poppett – @achieving_balance

This trainer doesn’t stick to a one-kind routine. Instead, she prefers to keep things interesting while boxing, running, canoeing, and even doing aerial yoga. Poppet is also the creator of Train With Tanya app.

5. Emily Skye – @emilyskyefit

My complete Meal + Exercise Programs👆🏼Link in my bio. ~ 🍑 BOOTY TALK! 😜 Strengthening and growing my glutes has been a personal goal of mine for quite some time and I have to say I've never been stronger throughout my posterior chain or had more shape in my glutes than I do now! What has really helped strengthen and grow my glutes the most is doing glute activation exercises before training my legs & butt. They switch the glutes on and get them ready to work so I can perform squats, deadlifts, lunges etc. correctly. A lot of people have weak glutes because they spend a lot of time sitting down which switches off the glutes and this can lead to an anatomical imbalance with dominant quads and therefore alter the pelvic position. This puts a lot of pressure on the lower back, hips, knees, feet and so on. Everything is connected so if something isn’t in alignment we usually feel it in many places throughout the body. My favourite glute activation exercises are: Side band walks, monster walks, band squats, clams, band glute bridges, and standing band kickbacks. I also love single leg glute bridges and hip thrusts. I love using a band to work on lateral hip stability, pelvic control and general mobility of the hips and these exercises work on the abduction and engagement of the Gluteal Group. The hip is multi-directionl which means it moves in 3 planes of motion, the sagittal, transverse and frontal plane. When training the hip and activation the glutes the key is to ensure it functions well in all directions. Adding the band creates a challenge to reactively stabilise and control all 3 planes of motion, firing up those glutes just the little bit more! 😉👍🏼 . Do you already do glute activation exercises? . @emilyskyefitness @emily_skye2 @emilyskyebeauty . . #emilyskye #emilyskyefit #glutes #bootybootybooty #gluteactivation #gluteworkout #bootyworkout #bootybuilding

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Emily is the founder of F.I.T. (Fitness Inspiration Transformation) program tat includes a diet regimen along with many workout routines.

6. Amanda Bisk – @amandabisk

This Aussie was a pole vaulter that turned into a yoga instructor that has her mind focused on stretching, health and body toning. Need proof? Her body.

7. Kaisa and Jennifer – @twobadbodies

Flashing back this Friday to a super fun photo shoot with @paosanchez

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This duo is all about sweating it in pairs, posting their workout videos in which they go from jumping rope to box jumping to TRX routines.

8. Natalie Ughling – @natalieuhling

💫 t g i f 💫

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Natalie isn’t the average trainer. She is the Under Armour ambassador and the founder of NUFit, JumpCut, Triple Threat & RoundHouse workouts. So it’s not a surprise that she is among the best accounts to follow.

9. Misty Copeland – @mistyonpointe

Happy #worldballetday @littleshao

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The pictures featuring Misty’s account are beyond this world, and also serve as proof of why she is part of the American Ballet, and also one of Under Armour’s biggest ambassadors.

10. Jeanette Jenkins – @msjeanettejenkins

The Hollywood trainer is known for creating killer bikini bodies.

11. Rachel Brathan – @yoga_girl

18 weeks pregnant today! Yay! This is an old photo – I'm not smiling like an idiot doing a hollow back handstand against a palm tree right now (like that's even remotely normal). I'm lying naked on top of the covers in my bed because even though the AC is on it's HOT AS HELL and I keep having these flashes of near-death satanic morning sweats. I can't breathe through my nose at all and somehow my sinuses are both completely blocked but my nose is running at the same time. It's like a cosmic joke. The nasal spray I've been using for the past months (yes, months) has probably burned its way through my sinuses by now so if I poke my nose I might reach all the way up to my brain. I'm exhausted even though I slept for ten hours and I have the weirdest dreams and wake up at least three times per night and my boobs hurt and I'm so very annoyed at everyone and EVERYTHING. Especially Dennis. And Donald Trump. But especially Dennis because a part of me feels like we should be trading places just for a little bit or at least he should be fanning me with a palm tree leaf feeding me grapes 24-7 but instead he insists on "working" which seems like a total waste of time to me. I mean he could be sitting here listening to me complain about all the things and instead he goes to work??? I. Can't. Even. Anywho. Pregnancy is "great" this week! I've been ranting about it on my blog a lot. Apologies in advance. #noglow #justsnot #bleh #preggo #grrr

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This girl travels the world in search for the best yoga retreats, and as a result, she ends up having her pictures taken at beautiful scenarios.

12. Jen Selter – @jenselter


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Jen Selter a.k.a: the best butt on Instagram. She is a native New Yorker and will show you how to accomplish the butt you’ve always wanted.

13. Izabel Goulart – @iza_goulart

This Brazilian girl that frequents the Victoria’s Secret runway shares all her insane workout. Care to give them a try?

14. Tracy Anderson – @tracyandersonmethod

Tracy is the personal trainer of Gwyneth Paltrow. Is there anything else you needed to know?

15. Hannah Bronfman – @hannahbronfman

Already itching to get back in the studio #HBFIT

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Because this girl’s skills doesn’t stop at mixing beats as a DJ, but she also has a thing for the healthy living.

16. Base Body Babes – @basebodybabes

These Aussie sisters will make you wanna hit the gym ASAP.

17. Faya – @fitnessontoast

Today: 5k run in autumnal Regent's Park ✔️😅🏃🏼‍♀️ #fitnessontoast #lovelondon #fitspo

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This girl combines fashion with working out. Could it get any better? Don’t think so.

18. Mary Ellen Bowers – @balletbeautiful

Barre stretch 💫 #BalletBeautiful #BalletBeautifulStretch 💫

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Giving ballet a beautiful fitness twist.

19. Cassey Ho – @blogilates

Cassey is the creator of POP Pilates, and her Instagram account is filled with cool workouts and lot of powerful and motivational messages.

20. Bianca Cheah – @biancamaycheah

She proclaimed herself as a green juice and yoga lover. Also, Bianca is the creative director of Sporteluxe.

21. Karena and Katrina – @toneitup

Hustle and heart will set you apart. ❤️

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These friends started with a YouTube channel; Tone It Up. They became a major success landing with their reality show on Bravo.

22. Caitlyn Turner – @gypsetgoddess

She practices yoga, but.. never at the same place. Imagine doing your hobby while traveling around the world. I think perfection got a new definition.

23. Kayla Itsines – @kayla_itsines

If her abs don’t inspire you, I really don’t really what will.

24. Lindsey Vonn – @lindseyvonn

Believe in yourself. #strongisthenewbeautiful

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The Olympian documents almost every workout she does and shares it with the world.

25. Lydia Elise Millen – @lydiaemillen

Fashion and fitness blogger. Isn’t enough said?



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