Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon Freak Out At Haunted House [VIDEO]

This Duo Makes Halloween Feel More Funny Than Scary

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart decided that it would be cool if they visited “Blood Manor,” New York City’s scariest haunted house and you’ll probably have mix feelings about this, it’s both funny and scary at the same time, why? because it’s got Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon
Via: E!

You’ll see from scary strippers to crazy psychopaths in this video, topping it all with sassy comments. There’s even a very mix scene, I’m not really sure if it is a cannibal or what that was. So with Halloween right around the corner, why not enjoy?

After watching this you’d probably agree with me that Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon should have their own sitcom of them getting into hairy situations.

So if you haven’t watch it yet, take a look below.




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