Our Top 15 Memes About Shaving That Will Make You Feel So Related

The Struggle IS Real

When it comes to shaving, the feeling of cutting yourself while in the process is terrible. This arduous task requires concentration, skill, a blade, and lots of shaving cream. Have you met someone who likes this process? Because I haven’t. Obviously, the feeling of softness at the end is amazing, such a point of enjoyment and fabulousness.

Women are more complicated with this because if only one hair remains, we can say that we failed in this task but if everything is perfection, we deserve all the prizes. Why do we take everything more seriously? Between having to be close to a week, having a person inside our belly for 9 months and dealing with hormonal changes (which is constant, btw) add to all this the fact that the body hair that we remove regularly. A bit hard to tell the truth, but all for feeling good.

Although this task is lasting, and we are a little loose, this is our day, we want to laugh to not cry. Here are some cases that represent situations or thoughts that go through our minds at the time of the transformers of werewolves to the lamps completely.

1- A classic

The deception of just shaving the part that you will expose, without a doubt a great trick!

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2- A mess in the bathtub

Once they thought that only by opening the shower all leave? That is self-deception

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3- One of the best sensations

After spending 2 hours in the shower shaving, everything goes down to the moment of truth, and that’s when you realize that all the effort was worth it.

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4- When you don’t mind anything be like

As you grow you realize that you gave importance to very small things, as you grow you realize that nobody cares as much about you as you

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5- Is this real?

Tell me someone has happened, please. Because I really do not

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6- Let’s hide a little

This is the living example of reality, once they had to do it, be sincere

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7- Another way of self-deception

You really wanted to shave, but you were too lazy. Assume the consequences LOL

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8- Expectation vs Reality

And there you realize that if you are flexible and can reach places that you never thought you could reach

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9- A moment lost in the time

How sad it is to spend so much time waxing and that only lasts a day, has not happened? One day your legs are completely smooth and the other … only the memories remain

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10- The surprise

It’s a surprise how much hair we can leave behind when shaving, the bulge is almost as big as our pet (girl things)

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11- Forgetting certain sides

It has happened to all of us, to go out and feel divine until you discover that you lacked a place

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12- Commercials deceive us

The typical commercial is a woman in a shower, without any problem to pluck, while in reality we are doing maneuvers to get decent

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13 – sad but true

Yes … if it hurts and a lot

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14- Fabulous!

The final result will always be the best, feel proud of your legs and your hard work shaving!

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15- A memory of the beginning

This is the started pack of a tortuous but fabulous start

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