15 Movie Facts That Seem Made Up But Are Totally Legit

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Movies are fascinating, among subjects that can interest any person, such as the preparation and behind the scenes that this can have. The creation of a movie is exciting and together with the story, we can enjoy great emotion. Here we will see 15 facts that although they may sound strange, really happened. You will discover curiosities of your favorite movies and you will laugh too.

1- A peculiar sound

The sound that the Velociraptors emit to communicate with each other in Jurassic Park is actually the mating sound of the turtles, who would say it?

by Universal

2- An iconic scene in the world of cinema

In the movie Pulp Fiction, there is a scene in which Vincent stabs Mia right in the heart with a needle to prevent her from dying. The background of this great shot is that it was fired in reverse, then really John Travolta was removing the needle.

by Movies

3- One classic

In Psycho, they had to put the film in black and white because Hitchcock received violent reactions on the shower scene, criticized for being too bloody. At least black white is not so noticeable.

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4- Leonardo surprising in action

Those who saw Django Unchained could see a scene in which Leo DiCaprio breaks a glass in a fit of rage, making his hand bloody. The fact is that this was completely accidental! But Tarantino kept it in the movie. The actors surprise us by entering their roles despite the adversities.

by moviesnet

5- Injured in the scene

The person in charge of being the double of Daniel Radcliffe in his Harry Potter character was paralyzed in the last installment of this saga. So, as a good partner, Daniel created a fundraiser to pay for his college education.

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6- A night to remember … or not?

For the fans of The Hangover, Ed Helms really lost a tooth! He got his implant after an accident in his teens, so his dentist only had to take it off so he could record his iconic scenes.

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7- Monsters Inc with a real tone

Mary Gibbs does Boo’s voice for the Monsters Inc movie. A sweet girl who did not stay in one place doing her recordings but had a whole team behind her throughout the studio to record. So cute!

by Disney

8- The little pigs don’t have much left over.

For Babe’s movie, they had to take 48 little pigs, in order to portray in detail the character of Babe.

by Disney

9- A unique lunch

In the year of 1994, during a lunch hour at Pixar, filmmakers John Lasseter, Pete Docter and Joe Ranft came up with amazing ideas that would eventually become movies like Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo and Wall-E

By Pixar

10- Did someone hear that?

The first fart to ever appear on a Disney movie was from the character of Pumba! All Disney heard that LOL.

by Disney

11- Perspective from an airport

The character in the movie starring Tom Hanks called The Terminal Lived really existed! And he lived in an airport for 18 years. A little more than Tom in the movie.

by Getty Images

12- How to disguise the pregnancy according to Wonder Woman

In the filming of  Wonder Woman, actress Gal Gadot was pregnant! But she and the team knew how to handle this issue without letting anything is noticed, amazing!

by Marvel

13- The night of these scenes was a lack of control

In the movie, The Blues Brothers reserved part of the budget to buy cocaine while filming the night scenes

by YouTube

14- Will they be similar?

Originally  ET and Poltergeist movies were supposed to be the same movie, which would be called Night Skies. Spooky!

by moviesnet

15- Back To the future with another name?

This movie at the beginning had the name “Spaceman from Pluto”, a strange name but it does not sound so bad, despite this we are left with the second choice!

by Moviesnet

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