Check Out This 15 Beneficts Of Sleeping Alone, You’ll Never Believe #7

Being Single Is Not Necessarily Something Bad, You Know?

Some may say sleeping with someone is so much better that sleeping alone, well they’re wrong! Having your own bed is so much nicer, you not only have more space but also have freedom and it might help your health, and the major plus is that girls can get skinnier doing it. Now I have your attention right?

Sleeping with your partner was not always a tradition. It started with the industrial revolution due to lack of space. In antique eras, the regular thing was to sleep alone, actually, the ancient Romans had the idea that the only time people should share a bed was during the intercourse. Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI of France had separate sleeping quarters in the Palace of Versailles and so did other monarchs.

Sleeping alone guarantees a good night of sleep and sometimes that’s pretty much what we need. We’ll explain to you why below:

15. Temperature.

Each body temperature is different, when you’re sleeping alone you can control it according to your needs, but when you’re sleeping with a partner you have to compromise. Is it worth it?

14. Sleep schedules.

It’s very unlikely to have the same schedule as your partner, sometimes you do more on the day and you get tired. Of course, you don’t have to wait to go to bed, but when that person lays down it will probably wake you up.



13. The comfy issue

When you’re on your own, you can wear anything you want, your oldest shirt that has holes in it and your comfy shorts that are so soft and you have them since you were really young. But when you share a bed, you usually want to look a little bit tighter for them.


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12. Stretch.

Sleeping alone is great, I mean you can stretch however you want, there is nobody there to block your space, you can roll over and it’s all good,

11. Sleeping position

When you share the bed, is common that you have “your side of the bed” but when you’re are solo, you can sleep anywhere you want in the position you like the most, maybe take the whole bed over.

10.  Farting.

Yes, no one wants a pig to share bed with so if your partner needs to blow one, you expect them to go to the bathroom to do it, and so should you do it. But when the bedroom is all yours, you don’t even need to move, you just do it and feel great. It’s awesome.


9. Smells.

This is more relatable in the mornings when you wake up and your breath seems like the fire from a dragon’s mouth, disgusting, so is your partner’s. Do I need to say more?

8. Waking up in the middle of the night.

It’s proven that 75% of people wake up in the middle of the night, but when they do it, they wake you up, by mistake, of course, but they still interrupt your sleep and the cool dream you might be having.


7. Men are less productive.

A study released by the University of Siena showed that sleeping with a partner temporarily reduces brain cognitive power, causing less productivity and a worse performance rather than sleeping alone.


6. You get sicker

In the US, a studio showed that 4000 people called in sick due to diseases related to lack of sleep. Yikes.

5. No more blanket battle

You don’t need to share your blanket, it’s all yours and you can cover yourself, you are the priority, no one else, you.

4. You can be bad.

And with bad I mean gross, you don’t have to play it fancy for anybody, it’s just you, so yes, you can eat upon the bet and no one will tell you anything.

3. The more you sleep, the less you are likely to gain weight.

The women who sleep less than 5 hours are most likely to gain weight, rather than the others who sleep deeper.

2. Bye bye snoring.

You may snore but that doesn’t bother you, but if your partner does it will. You wake up and ruin your sweet and deep sleep.


1. You are proven to sleep more.

People that said they sleep better with someone, were proven wrong when they slept alone for a few days and the time they slept the most was up to 30 minutes. That beats anything, so don’t be ashamed if you’re single, it’s so much better that way.




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