People Have Turned Killmonger From “Black Panther” Into A Meme

Honestly, It’s Perfect

Black Panther is the movie that has broken records at the box office and now, the latest meme inspiration.

The last meme that has gone viral on the internet. The protagonist of this new meme features the actor Michael B. Jordan who plays the ruthless villain of this story, Killmonger.

There is no doubt that the performance of Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther was wonderful, a great job! He became one of the cruelest and most amazing villains in the MCU. The director Ryan Coogler had previously collaborated with the actor and it’s definitely familiar with Jordan’s way of working, without making the right choice to choose the person who would give life to this character. Congratulations on this great achievement.

Killmonger had unforgettable moments in this film, but there is one that stands out and is the epic line that offers before facing T’Challa, “is this your King?” A phrase that left us cold to all of us who saw this incredible movie. The rumble that produced the exiled Wakanda before finishing the duel with the legitimate king. This, along with the image of his shirtless body, showing his scars and his six-pack very well marked too. The image became viral, with users infusing funny questions about what could be said in the movie.

Apply the new Black Panther meme in situations of everyday life, these Tweets will give you an idea. (If you have not been able to see it yet, go to the cinema to enjoy it).

1- Hot body

Killmonger’s body is totally ready for whatever

2- The reality of many

Bank accounts after the weekend

3- Just … true

Who hasn’t had a situation similar to this?

4- LOL!

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