19 Fails You’ll Be Glad They Didn’t Happen To You In The First Place

Oh The Embarrassment

All of us have some memory of a fail that if it had been recorded, at this time we would be famous. These epic failures that we have gone through are usually accompanied by a lot of laughter and a perimeter scan, making sure to verify no one actually saw us.

These fail that we will see below are pretty much in every corner of the internet, making millions of people laugh at the illogical things that happen.

The increase in technology available to everyone is very large. People armed with cell phones, tablets and cameras are aware of their surroundings, to take out their gun and shoot, giving fun to others with the capture of some fail. In this article, we will see things that went from being perfect to having a great fail, which was not only taken but was viralized and taken to all places with WiFi access.

1- When the photoshop doesn’t appear as you want

by Vogue

I think someone did not notice the details very well

2- Someone in the bathroom needs help

by failco

This is the kind of situation nobody wants to be in.

3- Fast and Furious

by People

When adrenaline wins

4- Trying new styles

by people

Someone got the cut that he wanted

5- The perfect capture

by people

Nothing more romantic than your wedding photos


6- Ups … I did it again

by people

Probably not the best way to know you’ll be a dad

7- Losing control

by failco

This person didn’t realize where he parked

8- Forget the rules

by failco

When you go a mile from the gas station and you realize that …

9- Makeup Mess

by fail

When you go jogging and your makeup goes down

10- Too much love

by fail

When they show you when they want you in different ways

11- Grandma in action

by failco

When you do not do well in your work as a pelican and your grandmother scolds you for that

12- A disaster in the car


Who has not been through this?

13- Helping others

by failco

How did this woman come to that place? At least there is no lack of chivalry

14- Posing

by failco

Poses naturally for the photo

15- Playing again

by fail

Remembering those moments in childhood

16- Ronald Mc Donald

by failco

There are simply things that will never look good, and this picture is the example

17- Being dad

by fail

That was not the best angle for the photo

18- a little scare

by fail

Changing faces is not as fun as it seems. LOL

19- a route that nobody knew

by fail

This trip deviated a bit from the road

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