These Are The Top Monday Memes To Get You Through The Day

Cause We Know How Hard It Is

For many of us, Monday is not very encouraging. It’s the day that marks the end of your weekend, start your daily routine, the 123804 alarms to wake you up, the coffee that helps stay alert, run to the subway to get to work on time and repeat over and over until Friday.

Everything is a matter of perspective, as it can be a heavy day; it is also a new day to start again, with very good energies. So here we bring you 5 Monday memes that will make you laugh, so you can start with the week on the right foot!

1- The feeling may be mutual

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2- The Beatles also had hard Monday. Even big stars have objections this day

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3- Mondays can be eternal, and more if we are at work, so poker face is accepted at work

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4- What is the difference between Friday and Monday? The attitude

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5- Dogs also have to think of Monday. Even if they do not have to wake up early, they usually wake up with us to say goodbye. What a harsh day

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