Learn Your Memes: Sinister Patrick Everything You Need To Know

Sinister-Looking Patrick is the New Meme You Are Probably Seeing It EVERYWHERE

SpongeBob SquarePants has been one of our favorite cartoons for us, millennials. Although it has made our childhood better, the cartoon has also grown with us. Square Pants have given us another meme. And yes, it is one of the favorites yet. We couldn’t wait any longer.

We talk about the TVs favorite sidekick, Patrick Star. Although we remember him in a gentle way, in this meme his darker side shines. He looks twisted and seems about to commit a crime, without any kind of conscience charge. Twitter has been flooded with this image.

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This screenshot, in particular, comes from “Nature Pants”, which we could see in season one, episode 18. It’s just before the moment Patrick places Sponge Bob on the seabed so that SpongeBob stops hallucinating that he is a jellyfish. Although this is an innocent and kind way to help your friend, the screenshot is a bit creepy without context. It can be cataloged as a way to ruin some childhoods.

We are seeing this image even in our soup. Floating on the Internet for a while, but it was not until a few weeks back that it has resurfaced on Twitter since users of the platform have been publishing the photo with some lots of confessions. Twitter has appropriately called the meme: “Sinister-Looking Patrick”, although it is also known by names like ‘Savage Patrick’, ‘Angry Patrick’, and ‘Evil Patrick’. Again, not kidding.

Here are some funny confessions that people have left on Twitter with the image of the new fav meme!

People have also used Patrick to describe their sexual confessions a little more graphically, no doubt that this face lends itself to many things LOL

2018 comes premiering a new meme of SpongeBob, but let’s not forget our roots of other characters, among them we saw “Confused Mr. Krabs” in 2016 and we can not leave behind “Caveman SpongeBob” that for a while has been in the memes, considering themselves as a classic for the #Memelovers.

These SpongeBob memes came to life in 2016, where we saw them on different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Going viral and being the exact reaction of how we feel in indescribable moments, that only SpongeBob could understand.

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