This Is Our Top 5 Google Doodle Games To Procrastinate

We Warn You, You’ll Probably Spend Hours Playing

These interactive Google Doodles have become a basic tool of the Google home screen and a way to recognize achievements. They usually remind us of the important global events and important dates in history. That’s why and we love Google!

Here are a top 5 of the doodles that will make you want to use them without stopping, leaving your work for later LOL!

1- Pac Man!

In 2010, Google fans were received with the first interactive Google Doodle. The first doodle was a vintage game. An obvious classic with neon points and the memories of the arcade days made us relive this great era!

by Google

2- The keys in honor of Robert Moog

The Doodle released to honor Robert Moog. The Moog Synthesizer was used by musical artists, including The Beatles and Stevie Wonder. Nothing like being able to recreate this!

by Google

3- Snake game

This classic which we could spend ALL day messing around is an all-time favorite. With a simple mission, let the snake eat the most apples and increase its size without hitting your body in the process!

by Google

 4- Winter games, Valentines Day

Who did not die of love to see two birds dancing on the ice? This doodle was inspired by the Grebes, showing the world how magical love can be and that it does not matter the species at all!

by Google

5- Here comes the Xpress Pony!

This game was in commemoration of the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express. Allow being the messenger picking up the mail while you deliver it to the nearest city.

by Google


You can find all of Google Doodles here


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