12 Reasons Why We Don’t Deserve Dogs To Be Our Best Friends

They Are Honestly The Purest Creatures On Earth

What comes to mind when you think of a fluffy creature next to you? And no, I don’t mean a Gremlin. I mean men best friend: dogs. These beautiful creatures not only bring happiness to your life but a variety of things that make you stoked to have them in your life. Who doesn’t like those cold, wet noses? Here we give you 12 reasons (although we know that there are endless reasons) why humans do not deserve dogs.

1- The partner who is most happy to see you

When you leave, your dog becomes sad to see you leave, even if it’s just to take out the garbage. when you return, your pet shows you how happy it is to see you! That’s because dogs secrete a hormone when they see us, like the one humans put into use when we’re in love, no doubt that’s pure love.

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2- They are always supporting you

When we feel sad and decayed, that the only thing better for us is to put songs that go with the environment, who is there to make you feel better? The presence of our friend can make us happy even in the darkest days, they give us love and positivity.

3- Nothing better than hugging your furry friend

This is the best in the world! Embracing your dog is so invigorating, like a giant stuffed animal that runs your tongue over your face showing you all your love, how not to die of love with this ??

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4- They love to eat as much as you

Who has not passed something under the table for your dog? Nobody can say no to their tender faces waiting for you to give them a bit of your food. We probably end up sitting with them at the table.

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5- BFF

A friend more honest you can not find in the world. Your furry companion will always be for you, is a lifelong friendship even beyond their years of life.

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6- They make us laugh like never before!

We always laugh at the things that our dogs do. From a howl, doggy farts, or when they run through the grass as if they had never done it and jumping up to places that you did not even know they could reach. The dogs are totally funny

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7- More than a similar

Maybe they are not the same species, but they adopt behaviors to get along very well with you, and if you look at them very closely, maybe they are the perfect match!

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8- The dogs’ tails never lie

Our canine friends cannot contain their emotions and this is reflected in their tails. When they see something they like they cannot avoid beating them from one place to another. It’s so special because they are not afraid to reflect their feelings. Honestly, we humans should learn from this.

9- You will never be disappointed

Dogs always strive to make us proud of them, in case you haven’t noticed. They seek approval for everything and it makes them so happy to know when we are also proud of them (which is at all times)

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10- Always your partner in crime

Nothing better than having fun with your friend, from infinite walks to moments in running and catching the ball with them. These moments are frozen in time for them and for us

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11- They love you unconditionally

The love of a dog is for life, if you have it you will be a lucky one because they do not ask for much, just a little food and love. The truest love is that of a dog and they always show it to us.

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12- They defend and protect you

Your dog will always be watching your back, if someone approaches you in a strange way, they will always come to the rescue, even though it is a small cotton ball, they would face you for whatever they wanted.

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