The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Picture Of A Naked Owl

I’m Just Wondering What This Girl’s Mind Is About.

I love how people sometimes simply lose it over totally random things. It’s like you get to know the weirdest and sometimes most amazing things of all times thanks to the internet.

So, owls are pretty dope, right? They can turn their heads around 360 degrees, plus they have some of the most beautiful feathers. Well, Dana Schwartz felt a sudden urge to find out how owls look without feathers and is just inexplicably weird and fascinating.


When curiosity gets the best of you.

On January the 8th, Dana got this intriguing question: How does an owl look without its feathers? So she went to the reliable Google to get this answer. She was shocked after learning how they look like and decided to share her findings with the Internet by tweeting a picture of a featherless owl, the picture went viral immediately.


Making it even spookier.

Not having enough with that, Dana then tweeted the “spookiest meeting of all times,” a picture of an owl’s skeleton, a featherless owl, and an owl with a face that says “Do I look like that underneath? Damn!”



Confirmed by experts

Birds lovers and experts came in the picture and actually confirmed that that’s how a bird looks like without feathers. Jeffrey Meshach, the deputy director of World Bird Sanctuary, said that the bird in the middle of Dana’s picture was a featherless owl, and pointed that “It’s actually a great photo showing how much feathers change the appearance of a bird.

Image Credit: BoredPanda
Image Credit: BoredPanda

It was really too much for the internet to handle and people went crazy.



Then it got even weirder.

People started tweeting pictures of animals hairless or featherless.

Like bears.




And…this cat(??!)

You can now say you’ve seen it all.



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