This Music Nerd Wrote a Fake Chainsmokers Song in A Couple Of Minutes

Well, This Are Some Good Music Skills..

In this simple video, youtube user John Fassold teaches us how to write in the most simple and easy way a song like the ones The Chainsmokers deliver.  Fassold assures there are only “simple steps” to create a catchy EDM song with generic lyrics. Take a look.

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Writing a Chainsmokers song in 4 minutes

Yes, that’s all the time it took to destroy the “world-claimed” duo. Since this guy who knows his music breaks through how to make any “Chainsmokers’ ” song. The youtube user believes the band built a career out of simple and catchy tunes, collaborating with many famous artists like Halsey, Daya, and Coldplay.

 Fassold roasts the band’s melodic consistency. His video, which is a compilation of Snapchat short-clips, was released two days ago and already has more than two million views. Due to Fassold putting together his own Chainsmokers song on the four minutes video.

How to create a world-record hit in minutes

Fassold starts by picking three random chords, “Walk them up and down”. Then he advises “you want to find lyrics that talk about how hard it is being white and in love.” So he chooses “champagne” as his topic for his emotional love song. “We drank champagne when we were young and I know that you weren’t the one”. He also teaches you how to do the breakdowns, bridge, and techno parts.

Then he points out that you should choose a noun-shaped focal point. As he uses for the example, with the help of the internet, the word “oak”. To what he then sings “We used to sit by the oak by your parents’ house drinking our problems away”. Even though it’s a parody Fassold due has musical talent, and we should keep an eye on him.

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