Brie Larson For Captain Marvel Is A Thing And We Brought You The Concept

It Will Start Shooting Next Year

Marvel is coming to a closure with its cinematic storyline. They’ve told us with the premise of Avengers: Infinity Wars, that’s supposed to be the conclusion to everything they’ve been doing in recent years.

In the meantime, they are still keeping us happy and entertained with many movies, like the ones of this year including Logan and Thor: Ragnarok to name some. But it seems that they’re preparing to bring to life Captain Marvel, according to some images that have been found.

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The apocryphal images

A group of images showing Brie Larson’s as Captain Marve were discovered at Disney Studios. They’re the first concept art images that have been revealed about the movie.

The images consist on “a medium close-up of her face and shoulders; a less revealing version of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman pose on a rocky outcrop. It also shows the Captain in full battle mode, punching up to connect with the mechanized fist of a much larger robotic creature”. As the character was said to have the same red and blue suit.

Upcoming captain

Also, the description of the pictures pointed out that the red in the new art is darker. As it seems they’re trying to match the color palette with Captain America’s one. It continued: “In the concept art at Marvel Studios, the sash was gone and replaced with a thin, dark-red belt to match her red gauntlets and boots. And the star emblazoned on Carol’s chest read as more white to me than traditional yellow”.

Adding as well that Larson’s hair “was a little above shoulder length, and appeared longer on one side than the other.” Even though more Marvel movies might be very exciting for some fans, others doubt of Larson’s capacity to play the role. The movie will start shooting in January 2018 to be ready to release on March 2019.

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