This Teen Got A Standing Ovation For Her High School Presentation On White Privilege

This Girl Is Going Places

Meet Robin, the teen that gave a presentation about the reality of white privilege and got the issue into everybody’s mind. She’s a senior in high school in Atlanta and has a passion for photography. She also runs a club at her school that’s focused on discussing the injustices that affects cultures across the world. They call themselves The People of Color Union. Robin describes it as a place where they sit and learn to understand one another.

Last night was amazing! Had so much fun displaying my photography! Thank you again P! 💗🌹

— robin (@thyrobin) 22 de octubre de 2016

On Friday ,she gave a speech that got everybody’s talking about. She says this class is one of her favorites. “[Our teacher] tells us the area where we should create our topics and we all create our own individual ideas… She told our class we had to do an informational speech so I was like ‘hey, why not discuss this with my class.”

After her presentation, the teen shared a picture that showed her with one of her slides, and it went viral.

“[White privilege] affects our daily society in our magazines. Children are also influenced and I used the doll test as a reference,” she said. “We live in a Eurocentric society.”

Her speech was based on covering the way white people affect our society. Starting with the definition and origin of the white privilege. Robin claimed “I didn’t want to feel like I would be reading a monotone script” that’s the reason her speech was made of a couple of slides and focused on the vocal.

The presentation had a wonderful response “extreme round of applause” making her classmates “really proud of her”

Robin also shared how supportive her teacher was “When I was about to do my presentation and I had to get it on the screen my teacher, a white woman, said she loved my topic and agreed that it does exist”

In terms on social media the response was very good as well “Overall, it has been good, I’ve gotten a few hate tweets but mostly it’s people saying they love me and are proud of me and they want me to go to their school and talk to them.”

But the most motivating was getting her classmates into understanding how our society works.

She has a bright future “I just want to be successful and a voice for people of color,” she said.

That’s MY SUH

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