Twin Brothers Show Off Dancing Skills in Grocery Stores And It’s Amazing

Definitely A Must Watch


If you like dance videos, then you’re going to flip out with this two guys. Marcus and Lucas are 17 year old twins, and gosh they can dance. They started in 2014 posting videos of them dancing. The brothers are so talented and have a huge fanbase that started in Vine and YouTube.


Their skills are so impressive, that even though the twins are dedicated to make YouTube challenge videos, they keep posting videos of them dancing. It’s inevitable, they need to give their crowd what they want.


Here’s the curious thing about them: they dance in grocery stores aisles. You have to watch. People seem to be used to it, but I don’t get it. I’m sure I’d be watching them with my mouth open and a round of applause.

They are coolestlest, and so funny.


Aren’t you already a fan? Well, then keep watching.




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