Tea-Seller Becames A Model After ONE Photo Went Viral Online

Let’s Get A Personal Photographer And Go Viral.

It only takes one viral photo for you to become famous

It seems that there can never be too many stories about people meeting fame after someone saw them doing an ordinary job. Nowadays, thanks to social media rise to fame can be fast.

Islamabad-based photographer, Jiah Ali, captured and shared this photo and it went viral on the Internet, which has resulted in a huge response from the world.

The first picture

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The photographer captured this blue-eyed teenager pouring chai tea.

The picture has mesmerized people all over the world, and it has gone viral from India to London.

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The ‘chai wala’ (tea seller) was trending topic in London after the pic was taken.

No wonder, look at those dreamy eyes, and that face.

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How did it happen?

The 18-year-old Arshad Khan Pakistani guy was working at a bazaar in the capital city of the country at the time the pic was captured.

The photographer said she had no idea why it went viral. My picture was like one of many where I captured a shot where I see simplicity and raw emotion and decided to share it with the world.”

Now Arshad has modeling offers, as well as acting.

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People are now taking pictures with him

A lot’s coming his way, He’s a bit confused and overwhelmed with all the attention. He said that a couple of days after the pic went viral over 30 girls have asked him to take pictures with them. And just before all this happened, he didn’t have had any contact with social media.

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