Rick And Morty Trolled Us All In This April’s Fools Like Kings

At Least We Know Rick Is Free

Adult Swim played the greatest April Fool’s Day prank and showed something real, nothing less than the season premiere of Rick and Morty.  On Saturday, Adult Swim streamed the anticipated episode in a loop till midnight.

The surprise return doesn’t quite mark the return of the anticipated third season since there’s still no release date, though it’s known that it will have 14 episodes.


Delivering on April Fool’s Day like a boss.

Why wasting another joke on making believe people when you can prank them showing something real? That was the winning combination of Adult Swim to outdone the plethora of April 1 jokes.

On Saturday night, Adult Swim aired the third season premiere of Rick and Morty playing it o a loop from 8 to midnight.

The episode came as a real surprise since the show has been off the air for 18 months since season’s two finale aired.

“The Rickshank Rick-demption”

The long expected episode was aired and streamed via Adult Swim’s webpage. In case you couldn’t see then you’ll have to wait will summer when the season three is airing.

We won’t spoil much of the “The Rickshank Rick-demption,” and will just say that it had a lot of action and that there’s a victory gained by a change of currency.

Adult Swim also teased fans hard with teaser shorts and even a claymation visit to Buttworld on YouTube.

Along with the new episode, a new teaser was revealed featuring the new and proved pickle, Rick.

Via Adult Swim

Fights and delay.

You’re probably asking why is season three taking so long? After all the show was last aired on October 2015. Creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are sure playing games with fans, teasing season three without really delivering anything substantial, other than Rick and Morty singing Never Gonna Give You Up. And so on.

In declarations during the Sundance Film Festival, Dan Harmon said to IndieWire that the third season is taking so long because the creative duo seems to be fighting on and on. These lead people to believing they were actually arguing.

Harmon then stated that they’re not arguing in a dramatic sense, and that the new season is taking so long because of the creative work it takes and also because Adult Swim is who calls the shots when it comes to schedules.

Via Adult Swim

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