Obama Reads Mean Tweets And Responds To Trump On Jimmy Kimmel Show [VIDEO]

This is To Die For.

Time goes by and each day we get closer to the  end of the Presidency of Barack Obama. Yes, sadly on January 2017 we will officially say goodbye to the current presidential family, and welcome a new one. But, we have many memories, good ones about our current President.

In many occasions, Obama attended talk shows, and he shared with us his rather relaxed and funny self. We’ve seen it dancing in Ellen, talking with Zach Galifianakis in Between Two Ferns, laughing and joking on The Tonight  Show with Jimmy Fallon, and we’ve seen him on different occasions talking with Jimmy Kimmel.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, there’s this hilarious section where celebrities have the opportunity to read, and sometimes reply, mean tweets about them. And guess what? Yep, there’s a Presidential edition, and it’s to die for. He even responded to a Donald Trump tweet, and the response is perfect. Don’t miss it!

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Check it out Below.



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