Must Watch: Lady Gaga’s Carpool Karaoke Takes The Gold [VIDEO]

The Mother Of All Little Monsters Went For A Ride And It Was Epic.

Beware little monsters. Lady Gaga is here to stay.

James Gorden’s carpool karaoke has become one of the most viral things on the internet and even though some big names have been on it, Lady Gaga’s participation takes the golden price.

Lady Gaga looked glamorous in a golden outfit during the “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden, where they sang Gaga’s chart-topping tunes.

About Gaga’s New Album

Lady Gaga shows a new skin with her latest studio album Joanne. A very personal work for her that has been described as raw and intense.

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In this new album, Gaga shows her rock and country influences, describing it as “Her brand of pop, what she likes to make.” There’s funk, folk, rock, jazz.

The album also features collaborations: Beck in “Dancing in circles,” Florence Welch in “Hey girl.”

According to Gaga, Joanne is about togetherness, friendship, family and learning about the past. Joanne which  is  also Gaga’s middle name is also the name her father’s sister that passed away in 1974 from Lupus.

“She’s like this goddess that we worshiped in our family our whole lives,” said Gaga.

She even got a matching tattoo with her father on Monday, the two of them got an angel on behalf of Joanne.

You go, girl!




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