Matt Damon Dresses Up As Tom Brady In Epic Jimmy Kimmel Surprise [VIDEO]

Talk About A Good Use To A Viral Story.

Matt Damon surprised Jimmy Kimmel on Monday when he appeared in the live show disguised as Tom Brady. Damon’s latest sneak attack on the late-night show’s host might be the real role he was born to play. by wearing Tom Brady’s quarterback’s uniform, Damon surprised the audience and everyone watching the show.


Take a look at the surprise:

Tom Brady visits Kimmel

After the Patriot’s victory on Sunday, Jimmy was pretty much excited about the quarterback’s surprise appearance. It was all fun and dandy until Jimmy noticed it was not the real Brady, but Matt Damon under the football uniform.

As Damon pretended to be the Super Bowl champ, Jimmy couldn’t help but notice something suspicious in the athlete’s attitude and the fact he was reluctant to take off the helmet.

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Off you go, Damon.

After an absurd exchange of statements, Jimmy’s security staff kicked Damon off and the feud was ON. The bit was conceived as the latest in Jimmy and Matt’s famous ongoing feud.

The feud started back in 2006 when Jimmy apologized to his audience for bumping Matt Damon for the show and then continued doing it for over a year. The feud has now escalated into more elaborate sketches and pranks that have amused us over the past 11 years.

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

It goes on and on.

The boys took the feud pretty seriously and have taken it to different levels and places. In 2007 Jimmy invited Matt to the show and they simulated a staged fight.  Then Matt wrote a song with Jimmy’s former couple, Sarah Silverman, called “I’m F—king Matt Damon.”

Jimmy took revenge in 2009 when he made a similar video with Damon’s best buddy Ben Affleck. They have taken it even to the Oscars when Jimmy hosted the ceremony and was voted out of The Handsome Men’s Club.

It escalated way to fast in 2015 when Jimmy invited the cast of The Monuments Men to talk about the movie, and the power went off when it was Matt’s turn. Last year Affleck snuck Matt onto the Show’s stage after the 2016 Oscars…and it’ds still on and alive!

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Source: ET



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