Lady Gaga Reveals She Has Fibromyalgia, A Chronic Illness

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Lady Gaga took to Twitter to reveal she suffers fibromyalgia on Tuesday. In her forthcoming Netflix documentary ‘Five Foot Two,’ she will open up about it and she hopes it will also raise awareness of it.

‘Five Foot Two’ was premiered over the weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival and will premiere on Netflix on September 22.

Opening up about chronic pain

Lady Gaga on Tuesday opened up about her condition on social media, saying, “In our documentary the #chronicillness #chronicpain I deal w/ is #Fibromyalgia I wish to help raise awareness & connect people who have it.”

Fibromyalgia is a chronic musculoskeletal disease that causes widespread pain. Patients often experience extreme fatigue, sleep disturbances, depression, and headaches.

In the first trailer for her documentary, titled ‘Five Foot Two,’ the pop star was seen at a doctor’s office, and at the Toronto Film Festival, spoke further about how the film explores her struggle.

“It’s hard,” Gaga reportedly said. “But it’s liberating, too.”

Lady Gaga has referenced her chronic pain previously.

In an Instagram post back in 2016, the singer wrote.

“Having a frustrating day with chronic pain, but I find myself feeling so blessed to have such strong intelligent female doctors.”

Gaga’s fibromyalgia admission emerges four years after the Poker Face hitmaker had to cancel dates on her 2013 world tour.

At the time, she was diagnosed with the condition synovitis, an inflammation of the joints, and a labral tear, and subsequently revealed she had actually broken her hip and was facing a complete hip replacement if she didn’t heed doctors’ advice to ax her shows and undergo surgery.

The singer premiered ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’ at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday, when she also performed, just days after having to cancel a concert in Montreal, Canada due to illness.

‘Five Foot Two’ debuts on Netflix on September 22.


Fibromyalgia affects up to five million Americans, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health. The vast majority of sufferers, about 80% to 90% are women.

But what is fibromyalgia?

In the short, fibromyalgia is widespread muscle pain and tenderness. In more technical terms, it is a disorder of widespread muscular pains throughout the body accompanied by fatigue, sleep memory and mood issues.

To be considered “widespread pain” the pain must be on both sides of the body and above the waist. Women are more likely to develop fibromyalgia than men. Many individuals who are diagnosed with the illness typically suffer from tension headaches, anxiety and/or depression.

Doctors have been unable to pinpoint exactly what causes fibromyalgia.

Nonetheless, there are numerous components that may be triggered. Such as genetics [fibromyalgia often runs in families], injections and physical [example: car accident] or emotional trauma.

The disease’s symptoms are similar, if not the same as the factors that accompany the illness — fatigue, lack of sleep; tiredness; restlessness, widespread pain, and cognitive difficulties. This is also known as “fibro fog,” the ability to focus and concentrate mentally.

Unfortunately, fibromyalgia has no cure yet. However, it can be treated.

There is a variety of medication [which should be prescribed by your doctor] the can help to regulate or control symptoms. Exercise, rest and reducing stress can help with the illness.

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The other side of Gaga

‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’, a Netflix original documentary, was directed by Chris Moukarbel. The cinema verité-style film was shot as she recorded and released 2016’s Joanne and addresses her personal struggles.

The trailer takes viewers behind the scenes as the mega pop star interacts with fans and paparazzi, shops at Walmart and prepares for the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show.

“I’m going to fight like fucking hell for them to love this,” she says before she performs.

Interspersed between scenes of her in public settings, there are also more intimate moments shared where she gets a tattoo, is seen in a studio and hugs Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine.

She also smokes a blunt. “Let’s get stoned in grandma’s car,” she tells the camera.

One of the more personal scenes is filmed as she’s getting a painful looking procedure done during a doctor visit.

The documentary also shows Gaga’s relationship with former fiancé Taylor Kinney.

In fact, from the first scene of the documentary, it’s clear that Gaga’s engagement to actor Taylor Kinney is unraveling. “Me and Taylor are fighting, so that sucks,” she admits while cooking in her kitchen.

Later on, after their July 2016 split, she breaks down in tears. “My love life has just imploded,” she says. Still, the former couple appears to be cordial. On the day of her Super Bowl gig, she is shown receiving a bouquet of flowers from her ex-fiancé.

The film ends with a dedication to Sonja Durham, Gaga’s best friend who lost her battle with stage IV cancer in May.

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