Jordan Peele ‘Get Out’ Director Announced His Next Film Is Set For March 2019

He Also Added It Will Be A Very Different Movie

Jordan Peele has made an outstanding directorial debut with “Get Out”. Hoping the successful thriller is just the start of more to come. As he has already announced an upcoming film on a press release this Monday. Peele said his new movie won’t be a sequel to his praised social critique film, but it will surely take on the same topic and genre.

Something very interesting, as Peele was firstly known for writing and acting on comedy sketches. But has proven to us that he can perfectly adapt to the new genre he has jumped in. Hopefully, and most probably, the next movie that Peele releases will have the same clever take that “Get Out” did. As the film besides treating a still relevant topic, it was based on many social theories and philosophies. Accompanied with a 0 smooth comedy relieve, that was perfectly fitted into the movie and gave a lighthearted tone to it.

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Something new

On Monday, at an event held by Universal Pictures for the Blu-ray release of the movie, Jordan Peele announced the release date for his upcoming movie. The film doesn’t have a title yet, but it will surely hit the theaters on March 15th of 2019. Just two years after the release of his cultural pointing out. Universal Pictures distributed “Get Out” and got a deal with Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions.

Peele’s debut, “Get Out,” became a huge box office and social phenomenon. As it was one of the most commented and praised movies of this year and also grossing $229.6 million worldwide on a production budget of only $4.5 million. Not bad at all for his first take on a thriller.

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Hints of the plot and more thrillers

In the event, Peele defined that his upcoming cinematic play won’t be a sequel. “Don’t expect a Get Out rehash,” Peele said. He also added “It will not be in a similar vein [to Get Out], it will be a very different movie. It’ll be a very different project. Where it will overlap is the fact that it will be a thriller and have what I think is a real social message. And of course, I love the Easter egg hunt. So there’ll be similarities. But if you’re looking for ‘Get Out 2’, this will be a very, very different movie”. Despite that, the idea of a “Get Out 2” is still a possibility according to Peele and producer Jason Blum.

The new film could be part of four more “social thrillers”. As Peele thinks the scariest monsters of all are humans. Something he wants to keep exploring, as he did perfectly in “Get Out”.“The best and scariest monsters in the world are human beings and what we are capable of especially when we get together. I’ve been working on these premises about these different social demons, these innately human monsters that are woven into the fabric of how we think and how we interact, and each one of my movies is going to be a different one of these social demons”.

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