James Corden Had A Heated Up Rap Battle With Riz Ahmed

Guess Who Won

The insults were everywhere this Monday on rap battle between actor Riz Ahmed and Late Late Show host James Corden. The Star Wars actor, who’s also an MC, resulted victorious after slamming James as his show.

Ahmed is having quite a year being part of different hit shows and movies. The actor is also the cover star for Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential figures in the world. Drops mic!

Ahmed practically destroyed James Corden

This is what happens when James Corden invites to a friendly rap battle to a real rapper, he ends up being totally crushed.

Ahmed Riz, best known in the rap world as Riz MC delivered some boxing-style rap that slammed the host, and that was just the beginning of a week for Corden. The video already has over 800k views.

Yet, another rap battle

James Corden and Ahmed Riz faced-off for another Drops Mic in a battle that was full of insults. Corden slammed Riz MC acting ability, his show viewership and somehow he handled to dig United Airlines in the rap.

He said, “Am I supposed to be afraid of Riz ’cause he raps?/ His lyrics lack depth just like when he acts/ You might recognize him from some TV shows/ or not at all if you don’t pay for HBO/ This is a blood bath. It’s not a fair fight/ It’s like you were overbooked on the United Air flight.”

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Riz MC taking the lead in everything

Then the star guest snapped James’ game with the ladies and jabbed at the controversial Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad.The real life rapper said, “Yeah, I did do Star Wars. I bet that made you mad/ Too bad they weren’t trying to cast Jabba the Hut’s dad/ Yeah, I had Lena’s baby. It was fun/ I was on Girls, but you never touched one/’ You’re not an MC, you begged me to let you down gently/ I wouldn’t stop this war if Kendall Jenner brought out Pepsis.”

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Cheap insults and funny jokes

The rap battle continued as Corden compensated his lack of flow with more attacks and finally called the actor/rapper “the world’s worst version of Will Smith,” the crowd actually went silent. Ahmed’s jabs at Corden were mostly predictable fat jokes like, “You look like Matt Damon if he only ate butter.” However, he was the absolute winner of the battle as the crowd went crazy.

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Having quite a year in movies and the music scene

The actor/rapper is definitely having a great year both in television and film. He starred in HBO’s largest successes, The Night Of, and Girls. He was also cast in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and also appeared in Jason Bourne opposite Matt Damon. The actor also had a recurring role on Netflix’s The OA.

Now he’s joining the cast of The Sisters Brothers along with Joaquin Phoenix, John C Reily and Jake Gyllenhaal. On top of that, he’s touring with Swet Shop Boys, his rap group, which just had a participation in Coachella.

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