Kendrick Lamar’s Mom Is Cooler Than Yours And The Rappers Biggest Fan

The Album Is Freaking Fire

Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album, ‘DAMN.’, has been Trending Topic of our lives during the past 10 days. Probably his hottest album to date. You may say: “well, but what do YOU know anyway?” Ok, but what if it was Kendrick’s mom who said it?

We have heard about Paula Oliver, a.k.a., Kendrick’s momma, a few times before. She was featured in a couple of skits on ‘Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City’, along with poppa. And now, she made her comeback on what’s probably the most legit review for ‘DAMN.’ we’ll ever get.

On Saturday, the Compton rapper shared a screenshot of a text message sent by his mom. It was full of emojis, and the most appropriate adjective to describe the record: “bombbbbb!”. She also shared her more-than-qualified opinion of the new album compared to the previous one, and one of his dad’s thought on the cover art. 

‘DAMN.’ best reaction by far

After Kung Fu Kenny’s record was released, most of the fans’ reactions were hilarious, mainly because the album is freaking fire.

But none of this means a thing beside Kendrick’s momma reaction. “This is your best one to me, no bullsh*t” she texted. About the album cover, she said: “Your daddy said u look stressed on the cover lol I said ni**a that’s the point. We always stressing him out.” The message goes on with more black-momma pride and an excessive use of emojis, typical of an old person who has just recently learnt to use emojis.

She also regretted that she couldn’t catch his performance at Coachella during the weekend, but she heard a few things: “They say you was floating in air??!!! Your fans are some die hards. I love them.” We love you, too, Paula.


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