Watch Here The First Trailer For The Handmaid’s Tail [VIDEO]

I Can’t Wait To See It

Prepare for something intense.

Since Hulu announced its adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” anticipation has taken the best of us. After watching the trailer, which they finally released, you’ll get the excitement.

The dystopian story set in a not too encouraging future will finally premiere on April the 26th. Is a long way till that date, I know. But luckily Hulu released the first trailer, and now we can cling to something while we wait.



The Handmaid’s Tale.

You’ll get a ride as soon as you watch the trailer. Offred won’t forget her name even when is forbidden in the twisted dystopian country she lives. She’s ready to fight back and begin a revolution with her fellow Handmaids. I’m already hooked with this.

Hulu’s adaption of the book.

In late 2016 Hulu announced that it would make an adaptation of 1985 Margaret Atwood’s novel. The novel is set in the former US, which is now the dystopian Republic of Gilead where a totalitarian regime is installed. In this place, women are taken away to serve as concubines for the ruling class, to help couples procreate. So yes, they’re basically sexual slaves. And a lot of other terrible things seem to happen.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

That’s hardcore!


Dystopian reality.

But seems that the regime has found someone to fight against because Offred is more than ready to fight them with the help of her fellow Handmaids. The memories of the daughter she was taken away from serve as fuel not only to try to find her daughter but also to fight the regime.

She firmly says “I intend to survive,” and you know big things are going to happen.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

The production.

The series has a pretty loaded cast, which includes Alexis Bledel, Samira Wiley, Joseph Fiennes and Elisabeth Moss. Its production began in late 2016, and even when there are no specific number of episodes yet, it’s known that they’ll have a 30 minutes duration.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

 Huge anticipation.

Even when the award-winning novel has 1990’s movie adaptation and even an opera adaptation, the series has been pretty anticipated. This may be due to many people found much in common with the current situation. With women’s rights gaining momentum every day is not crazy that the novel also gains momentum. Also, the setting to which some people finds a resonance with the current political climate.

Image Credit: Youtube
Image Credit: Youtube

The writer tweeted the first trailer and people went crazy about it.



Some couldn’t help to point out the obvious.

In general, we’re too excited about it!


Can’t wait!




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