Stop Everything You’re Doing Because Will & Grace Might Be Coming Back To Our Screens

The World Realized That It’s Not Possible To Live Without These Group’s Adventures

Yes, you read it right. It’s revival and remaking season and the beloved show Will & Grace might be coming back. Apparently, nostalgia is getting the best of us.

The dearest TV couple might be coming back!

After the release of the Will & Grace election-themed video, which reached over 6 million viewers, NBC started to discuss a reboot of the show. According to initial reports, the company is considering a 10 episode revival.


But hold your horses people, we need the company’s confirmation of the revival. It’s still not clear if the revival is going to be done by Universal Television, the company that originally produced the show or if NBC would air the revival.

There have been rumors about the revival being streamed by Netflix. But, what is clear is that actors and producers are open to the idea of doing the revival.

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Huge success

The series was a huge hit back in the days. It ran for 8 seasons and came to an end in 2006. Will & Grace scored 16 Emmy awards out of 83 nominations and the four stars got to take the Emmy gold home for their work in the series.

The comedy followed the life of a single woman, played by Debra Messing and her gay roommate portrayed by Eric McCormack, and their eccentric friends, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes. And the crazy adventures in the everyday life. It shows a lot of funny situations, drinking, good and bad pieces of advice, and friendship.


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