Alec Baldwin Confirms He’ll Be Back On Saturday Night Live As Trump

“Yeah, We’re Going To Fit That In. I Think People Have Enjoyed It”

On Monday, Alec Baldwin announced he’s not done with his Donald Trump impersonation and is coming back for season 43 ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The actor made the announcement while promoting his new film, ‘Blind’, with Demi Moore, Monday night on CNN.

He’s getting another term

On Monday, Baldwin assured CNN, “We’re gonna fit that in” before noting, “I think people have enjoyed it.” However, he cautioned that he won’t be making as many appearances as he did this season.

The actor added that because of his busy schedule, viewers can expect a couple celery sticks instead of  a “whole meal.” But listen, we’ll take what we can get.

This all comes as a happy surprise because Baldwin had actually told Extra back in March that he might not be able to bring himself to play Trump anymore.

“The maliciousness of this White House has people worried, which is why I’m not going to do it much longer, the impersonation,” he explained. “I don’t know how much more people can take it.”

His over-the-top take on President Donald Trump was the opener for a number of last season’s episodes of the show enjoyed a rating uptick.

But the real-life POTUS might not be eager to dig in. Trump himself has critically tweeted about Baldwin’s act. It “stinks,” went one assessment. “Can’t get any worse. Sad” was another.

Alec Baldwin
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Nabbing an Emmy nomination, for sure

Alec Baldwin is likely to win an Emmy for his savage take on Donald Trump on this past season of “Saturday Night Live.”

Indeed, the Oscar-nominated actor played the Donald so many times on this past season of “SNL” that he must contend at the Emmys as part of the regular cast rather than as a guest. Of the 21 episodes that qualify for Emmy consideration, Baldwin had speaking roles in 17 of them.

He first played the then Republican candidate president on the show’s season premiere on October 1.

At the time, Baldwin was expecting Trump to lose the election. With his unexpected victory in November, Baldwin ended up playing the politic throughout the season, including on the Feb. 11 episode that he hosted.

To date, Baldwin has racked up 16 past nominations, with two wins as Best Comedy Actor for “30 Rock” (2008-2009).

His track record at the SAG Awards is even better: he won Best Comedy Actor seven years in a row (2007-2013).

That’s important to note because the Emmys changed their procedure last year from ranked ballots to a simple plurality vote of all eligible members of the TV academy’s acting branch.

That more closely resembles SAG voting, so if he was capable of dominating those awards, he might be able to dominate these as well.

Alec Baldwin
Via EW

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