13 Pictures Of The Ideal Male Body Type, Like It Or Not

Inspired By The Ideal Male Body According To Twitter Users

OK. So here’s the thing, you may or may not like it but the ideal male body type looks like this, according to Steven Crowder.


Oh. I’m sorry, I stand corrected. It isn’t the perfect male body type. It is the perfect MAKE body type.

Crowder is a a conservative Canadian-American actor, comedian and former contributor to the Fox News Channel. He got axed from the channel because he decided to talk sh*t about San Hannity. So now he is being trolled all over the internet because of his “perfect make body type” tweet.

And of course he shaped be trolled. I mean the tweet is almost screaming to be teased. First, the misspelling, secondly the sassy “you may not like it” and thirdly calling a body “peak performance” like if it some kind of off-road truck. Really Steven? What’s wrong with you, bro?

At least we are making fun of it ever since posted. Here are the best 13 pictures

All pictures are posted with the same caption: “The ideal male body type. You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like”.

1. A little guy being confident AF.




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