‘Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul’ Is Here And We Bring All You Need To Know

5 Years Later They’re Back

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is an epic and almost cult movie between young people. The movie is based on the satirical comedy novel of Jeff Kinney. It takes a look at the life of a boy named Greg Heffley. Who struggles to fit in as he begins middle school. Now after the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” film trilogy, an upcoming fourth installment of the series is happening this month. Titled “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”. Something that took many by surprise since the third episode “Dog Days” seemed to end it, five years ago, with a moving message.

But even though the saga is very popular, the fourth installment haven’t received a positive response. Even though it hasn’t premier yet. Especially since the whole cast has changed, raising many fans to dislike it. Also, the trailer doesn’t seem very promising for many. Still, the film deserves as chance since the director David Bowers made the script along Kinney, giving some hopes to the die-hard fans.

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Old wimps, new characters

Both in the film and books we see the portrait of the Heffley family, and how all make Greg’s life a bit more difficult. Especially his teenage older evil brother Rodrick, who is a rocker and usually pranks him. His baby brother, Manny, who is “spoiled rotten” because he gets everything he wants and also gets away with everything he does wrong. Along with his mother and father, who would rather him to be going outside and playing sports, instead of playing video games all day.

The characters and story haven’t changed. As the ninth book of Kinney’s novels has turned into the fourth film. Sadly, the only thing that has changed is the cast. The original Heffley family consisted of Rachael Harris (Susan), Steve Zahn (Frank), Zachary Gordon (Greg) and Devon Bostick (Rodrick). Now they’ve been substituted by Alicia Silverstone (as Susan), Tom Everett Scott (as Frank), Jason Drucker (Greg) and Charlie Wright (brother Rodrick). Even though many fans have criticized this, it’s something the producers couldn’t have fixed. As all the members of the original cast aged making for them impossible to play their original roles. Gordon is now 19 and Bostick is 25, so playing an 11-years old and 16-moody teenage respectively would have been simply odd and didn’t fit.

Despite that, it is a logic move this has sprouted that most of the fans to dislike the upcoming film. Since when the first trailer for “Long Haul ” came out, showing the new cast on February many fans took social media to show their disgust. Focusing on the character of Rodrick with the #NotMyRodrick hashtag (more than 270,000 instances on Instagram alone). Silverstone, who played Batgirl in the 97’s “Batman & Robin” compares the similar experiences.”It was the same with Batman. People get attached. But you cannot continue to play a ‘wimpy’ kid when you have muscles and a deep voice. That’s a different story.” The trailer also, reveals some personality changes to the characters personalities. With a slightly dumber Rodrick, a more positive Frank and a super killjoy Susan.

The Long Haul

The plot of the film consists of the Heffley family heading to grandma’s 90th birthday celebration, through a road-trip. Obviously, the plan isn’t of the like of everyone, certainly not Greg. To make it all worse mom insists that in order to have some precious “family time” they will be “unplugged”. With all cell phones, laptops, game boys etc confiscated. With the whole family stuck on the mini-van for a 47-hour trip to Indiana. Relying only on How to Speak Spanish CDs, the Spice Girls and a game called “I Must Confess” to pass the time.

But the boys have other things in mind. As in their route to visiting grandma, Greg and Rodrick make a scheme to do a “little” detour, to a video game convention. Where Greg hopes to meet up with a famous YouTube gamer. As he desires this “epic” lifestyle and thinks it’s the best way to become famous. After an initial stop at a Chuck E. Cheese-type restaurant, a night at a decrepit motel and at a county fair, where they add the inconvenient of winning of a pet piglet.

These movies don’t capture the charm of the books. Despite the little glances of Kinney’s delightful line drawings, featured on the films. As this fourth film lacks the comedy on the novels and bases only on toilet humor, literally. Maybe making some kids laugh but not appealing so much to parents. Delivering as well some mix signals. Since it’s a kids’ movie and should still portrait family values. But what we see is practically the complete opposite, telling us that nearly everything about family life is a disgusting, painful and horrible.

Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox



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