Simone Biles Is Voted Off Dancing With The Stars, Shocking The Internet

She Won A Gold Medal In The Olympics, But The Judges Still Voted Her Off

Not Simone, not her! Dancing With The Stars took everybody by surprise on Monday, when Simone Biles was the unlucky contestant selected to go home. However, the Olympic medallist had nothing but love and smiles after the decision and showed us once more why we love her so much.

Biles wasn’t able to follow the steps of Laurie Hernandez

Monday delivered the saddest news when we said goodbye to Simone Biles on Dancing With The Star.

The Olympic medallist was hoping to follow the footsteps of her Olympic teammate Laurie Hernandez who won the Mirrorball Trophy last season. However, Simone was eliminated from the reality competition despite a perfect score on her two dances.Before Simone took tot he stage to perform, the audience and the judges watched a video in which she breaks down from the judges’ previous comments and talks about her frustrations on the show.

She says, “I feel like I’ve been trying my hardest and they just keep saying no … I can only try so hard until I’m done.”

But then, she took the stage and totally owned it. She and Farber earned their only two perfect scores of the season for their jive and rumba and received well-deserved praise from all the judges.

And boy she earned it, after last week’s iconic “Smiling doesn’t win gold medals” comment, this week’s challenge was all about having fun and Simone was on it.  The couple landed the perfect score after performing a graceful jive and a fun rumba, in which Simone truly exhibited the dancer she is.

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The elimination took everyone by surprise

After Jennings and Kordei were announced as the safe contestants into week 10 at the end of the show, unfortunately Biles and Ross were up for elimination.

“The couple leaving right now is — Simone and Sasha,” co-host Tom Bergeron said as a wave of surprise and boos was expressed by the audience.

The announcement took by surprise fans and even the judges who were in complete and utter shock, and they didn’t hold back from expressing it.Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Julianne Hough all stood up from their seats, while a shocked Len Goodman placed his hands over his face.

“I am in absolute shock,” said co-host Erin Andrews.

The announcement came as a surprise after Simone’s perfect scores and the praise she received from Inaba, who remarked her for being more open in her dances after she told her last week to try to show more of her authenticity when performing.

Despite Simone’s perfect score from the judges, half of the decision relies on America’s vote, and well David Ross outweighed her on that.

Biles elimination leaves former Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross, NFL free agent Rashad Jenning and Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei in the running for the finale.

The internet was flooded with comments in response to what many considered to be unfair results, given the perfect scores and the rates favorably and higher than other competitors by the judges.

Some fans started the hashtag #JusticeForSimone that soon became a trending topic.Other fans believe the decision could have something to do with the fact that Simone called out host Tom Bergeron last week when he made a sexist comment about smiling.

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A lesson on grace and thankfulness

Despite the whole situation Simone gave us her biggest smile and kept the positive spirits.

After learning she was eliminated she said, “I’m just thankful to be in this competition. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ve matured. And I can’t wait to go home and I’ll be back next week at the finale.”

On Monday, while being backstage she said, “I have been going since the Olympics non-stop and then I came into here to ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and the experience was wonderful… I feel like I found out a lot about myself — not just ‘Gymnastics Simone’ but ‘Normal Simone.”

The Olympic athlete also shared her thoughts on being ready for a break from the spotlight. She joked, “I feel like I’ve been at a high so much, no one wants to see my name again on social media, I mean come on. Sometimes I’m sick of my own name. On the radio [I hear] ‘Simone Biles’ and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, shut up!’

She also said that she’s keeping her run on the reality show in perspective.”This isn’t my element. If it were gymnastics I’d be like, ‘You know what Simone, you better get back into the gym.’ But I don’t know how to dance in heels! I was still tripping yesterday,” she said.

Her partner, Sasha Farber, had lots of nice things to say about his petite partner. He said, “This has literally has been a dream come true to work with her. She’s grown so much as a person and I wish she was in the finals, I wish she won this whole competition and I wish the best for her. I’m going to be there cheering her on at the next Olympics with a huge sign saying ‘Go Simone!”

We all love you, girl!


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