If You Love Dark Humor, You’ll Love These Comics With Unexpected Endings

Mike Organisciak Has Done It

They always say practice makes perfection, and that’s exactly what Mike Organisciak has done. He imposed himself the goal that he would learn how to do comics and improve his drawing skills. Having no previous experience at all, but he decided to draw them every day for 100 days. Now the final product is done, with some hilarious and messed up jokes. Organisciak reminds us that to achieve something you must overcome the fears and set your goals and work hard for them. No matter the level of skill you have at that moment, the outcome will be something good you will be proud of.

Since he has shared his results online. Where his stickman-like comic strips have a really disturbing dark sense of humor. That will obviously be appreciated by those who love the spiky darkness and don’t care about hurting sensibilities. Mike’s cartoons are really clever since they have an epic twist, where all his evil comes out. So we are going to leave you our top 5 favorite cartoons by Mike. Hopefully, you will be dropping laughing tears, it can get the other way around.

Image Credit: Mike Organisciak

5.The complexity of adulthood

The perfect way to start with Mike’s sense of humor. As this strip is something everyone can relate, especially if you have brothers. When you were little and used to fight with anyone, because hey did something first to you they’ve earned it. Nevertheless always an adult came and “imposed” order, saying the cliche phrase that expected you “to settle this like adults”. Here Mike adds it a bit of a real adult life situation to it. Giving it a hilarious outcome.

Image Credit: Mike Organisciak

4.Magician’s shameful secrets

The thing that really mesmerizes us about magicians is that they make us believe in the impossible. As we really don’t know how they pull out their tricks. So when we ask about it, they answer with a no, since this secret is what keeps the impossible alive. But it seems, and mostly according to Mike, that they don’t like to reveal their secrets for other sorts of reasons. Mainly shameful ones.

Image Credit: Mike Organisciak


The grunge movement ruled the world through the 90’s. Along with Kurt Cobain as its iconic leader, it had dirty and heavy riffs and fast drums. As the music had a discomfort and aggressive message. Also, it has a particular raggy and dirty fashion, with torn up jeans, old shirts, and lumberjack flannels. But it seems all that dirt and aggressiveness that make the movement such a success and cool had a less deep background.

Image Credit: Mike Organisciak

2.Winning streak

When you have developed a winning method that has a high percentage of effectivity you stick to it. Whether it’s being more skillful than your rival or simply smarter. In this case is not having a very serious disease. Still, counts right?

Image Credit: Mike Organisciak

1.Watch the world burn

Thankfully, for our survival, the stars and planets don’t have the same kind of curiosity 5 year-olds have. Since it can be more dangerous than we usually think. As the lack of it literally keep us alive. But at the end of the day we all kind of want to watch the world burn.

Image Credit: Mike Organisciak

Source: boredpanda.com


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