All You Need To Know About The Fifth Harmony Drama

So Do They Love Or Hate Each Other?

On Sunday, Fifth Harmony announced through social media that Camila Cabello was quitting the band. They posted a memo making her look like the bad guy who left them without warning, many fans were upset and started their own theories about what happened. But on Monday Camila posted her side of the story on Twitter.

Cabello was clarifying the situation and making it look completely different from what the girls said. It is very confusing, so take a look for yourself.


Camila is a cold b***.

Or at least that’s what we thought when we read the note they posted. “After four and a half years of being together, we have been informed via her representatives that Camila has decided to leave Fifth Harmony,” She didn’t even tell them in person, really? That is very wrong.

They are the victims.

“We are four strong, committed women who will continue with Fifth Harmony as well as our solo endeavors,” the girls informed in the memo. “Harmonizers, we are in this together. We love you with all of our hearts.”. Okay, you are still a band, we get it.


But there’s something shady behind all of this.

“We wish her well.” they wrote. I know this is courtesy and they don’t really wish her well, but all of the memo makes me think  is that there’s something deeper behind it. I think they are playing the victims, it all just seems too strange to me.



Camila answered them.

The now solo artist posted a memo herself explaining the situation. “I was shocked to read the statement the Fifth Harmony account posted without my knowing.The girls were aware of my feelings through the long, much-needed conversations about the future that we had during tour. Saying that they were just informed through my representatives that I was ‘leaving the group’ is simply not true.”

Someone’s lying.

“I had also planned to continue with my own solo endeavors in the new year but I did not intend to end things with Fifth Harmony this way,” But if she was planning on staying, what the actual f*** happened? Was she kicked out? Listen, I’m not on her side but in the band memo they were defending the idea of keeping their solo careers aside too much. We know Camila already had a solo career, why leave now like this?.


Fans are having a meltdown.

Of course, all of this drama is making their fans crazy and naturally, they are reacting.

Some others have a theory of what happened.

She left because no one ever high fived her. I think is really accurate and I support Camila.



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